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If you have ever wanted whiter, brighter teeth but didn't want to go down the chemically enhanced whitening route (we don't blame you there!), then it's best to seek out a more natural alternative. Natural teeth whitening brand Style White believe that being able to smile with confidence is vital to our overall well-being and self-image, and we could not agree more! People will often question just how useful a 'natural' product may be in comparison to its chemical counterpart, so we took some time out with Style White to discuss exactly how their Teeth Whitening Kit works and what you can expect from the results. Why was Style White created? Cosmetic dentistry is a fast growing business, but we don’t all want an unnaturally white looking smile. Indeed the trend in beauty now is, thankfully, towards 'tweaking' your natural assets, rather than full-blown cosmetic interventions. Having a bright smile, which makes you feel confident, is one of the best natural 'facelifts' you can give yourself. Even the World Health Organisation talk about smile aesthetics as being ‘important to a person’s overall wellbeing.’ With this in mind, we set ourselves the task of creating an exclusive whitening gel formula for a home teeth whitening kit. Our priorities were that it should contain 100% natural ingredients, be effective, simple to use, re-useable and fresh tasting. Using our dedicated laboratory in France, we researched ways to innovate and develop a range which would include a whitening kit and complimentary dental hygiene products. banner_16Oct16_4 With the banning on hydrogen peroxide in home whitening kits, what have you used to replace this ingredient? The banning of hydrogen peroxide was great news for us. While undoubtedly a powerful whitener, it also weakened teeth and damaged gums! Ensuring that our gel contained neither hydrogen peroxide nor sodium perborate, we came up with a unique combination of natural plant enzymes combined with bicarbonate of soda. How does the LED light work to activate the process? The light emitting diode (LED) speeds up the process by which the whitening gel penetrates the tooth enamel into the dentin layer. With the 5 LEDs in the Style White kit each session only needs to last for 10 minutes. The built in timer is activated at the end of the session to switch off, so there’s no need to clock watch! What natural ingredients are used in the formula and how do these work together to whiten teeth? Our formula includes bicarbonate de soda, peppermint oil, extract of the pulp of aloe vera, extract of pomegranate (punica granatum) and extract of chamomilla recutita (camomille). These natural extracts combine to maximise the effect of the enzymes in saliva. Are there any other notable ingredients? Style White also contains natural Xylitol, which has been shown to help fight tooth decay, and a tooth detergent derived from natural coconuts. This detergent breaks up teeth stains and removes them in a gentle, natural way using no harsh chemicals. banner_16Oct16_5 How quick can people expect to see results from starting? For maximum effect, we recommend the full five sessions of 10 minutes throughout the day. However, teeth can look visibly brighter from only the third session. We include a teeth shade chart in each kit so that you can see the change in your teeth colour. Can anyone use your kit? As with any product, there are certain precautions which should be adhered to. • Do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients • Do not use in case of painful gums, mouth lesions or gum disease. • If you experience increased teeth sensitivity or gum irritation, stop the treatment and consult your dentist. • Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. • Not to be used by children under 16 years of age. What does it taste like? As I said earlier, this was one of our priorities. If you’re going to have to keep the gel in your mouth for periods of time, it should taste pleasant! Our gel has a fresh, minty taste. banner_16Oct16_6 How often would you suggest repeating the process? The whitening effect last up to three months. It is a matter of personal preference how often the treatment is repeated. We also developed a 2in1 teeth whitening pen which is in a handbag generous size. This means you can give the most visible teeth a quick brightening treatment whenever you like! Is there anything else which makes Style White different to other home whitening kits? As I said at the beginning, we wanted to make Style White effective, easy to use, pleasant-tasting and quick. We also wanted to ensure that the treatment was cost-efficient. To that end, we developed a kit that is completely reusable. The batteries, which are included in the activator, will get you through many treatments; the comfortable silicon mouth guards are easily cleaned, making them very hygienic to use again and again. This means you only need to buy a gel refill to have the whole treatment again.

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