Your Guide to Natural Hair Care

Guide to natural hair care

A step-by-step guide to going natural with Innersense Organic Beauty


How much do you think about the products you use on your hair? I’ll put my hands up and admit I never used to think about it at all. Swapping out my hair care always seemed more daunting than switching up my skincare. I had a lot of questions; what are the best natural hair care products? Will my hair be really flat and dry if I go natural? Do natural hair care products really work?

The truth is, our hair care probably deserves a lot more of our attention. A lot of mainstream hair care brands rely on cheap ingredients that provide immediate results, but actually damage our hair in the long run (SLS and silicones in particular). These same ingredients can also cause harm to the environment when they’re washed into our waterways. So there are plenty of reasons to make the swap.

I spoke to Greg, one of the founders of lust-worthy natural and organic hair care brand Innersense Organic Beauty to find out more. I even tried and tested their step-by-step routine for making the swap (see the results below!)

Greg Starkman

So Greg, what is the benefit of going natural with your hair care?

Switching to clean hair care isn’t just better for your hair, it’s better for your health, and the health of the planet. At Innersense, we formulate using only plant and mineral-based ingredients and skip the silicones, sulfates and plastics. With your hair free of residues and coatings, your hair and scalp are healthier, hair growth is more robust and you can actually wash your hair less! Innersense formulas also come in 100% PCR bottles and our company is both B-Corp and Carbon-Neutral Certified, so you can feel good about your hair care routine.

Why are ingredients so important to Innersense Organic Beauty products?

We believe the best ingredients for clean pure beautiful hair aren’t developed in a lab. They’re created by Mother Nature. The big beauty industry tells us to buy into “this” new ingredient and “that” new ingredient, when the ideal ingredients for our hair are the same ones we see at our tables. Honey, aloe, shea butter, tamanu and coconut oils, just to name a few, don’t coat your hair or endanger your health. Our brand mantra is “fall in love with your hair again”, and these ingredients are the purest form of hair love.

How long does it take to ‘clean your hair care routine’ and remove product buildup etc.?

It varies from person to person. Typically, a new user of Innersense Organic Beauty will see a dramatic difference in the health of their hair in about two weeks. For those who are a bit impatient, we recently launched Detox Hair Mask to accelerate that process. It’s also ideal for those that live in high pollution areas or in places with high mineral content in the water. Even those who stray from their clean hair care routine now and then will love Detox Hair Mask to get them back on track.

So with some guidance from the Innersense team, I put their step-by-step routine for going natural to the test:

Step 1. Detox Mask

As Greg explained, the Detox Hair Mask is designed to speed up the detoxification process of going natural that usually takes about two weeks. I’m a sucker for a clay mask on my face so I really loved having one to put on my hair. I worked it through my hair from root to tip and left it in for 3-5 minutes before rinsing it out. It definitely looked like it took a lot of dirt and product build up with it.

detox mask


Step 2. True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub

This was unbelievably satisfying. I’ve never used a scalp scrub before but I’m definitely converted now (or should I say enlightened?) It smells light, fresh and minty and the consistency of the scrub is perfect. Not too abrasive but just the right amount of exfoliation to give your scalp that proper deep clean. I used a 50p sized amount and gently massaged it into my scalp before giving it a thorough rinse off.



Step 3. Color Awakening Hair Bath Shampoo

The great thing about Innersense is that they cater for lots of different hair types, so at this step you would use whichever Hair Bath formula is best for you. I colour my hair so I opted for this one. This was my favourite step by far (which is weird to say about shampoo), but it was just dreamy. No other word for it. Despite being free from SLS, it lathered up a treat and the smell was nothing short of divine. I took a couple extra minutes here just to enjoy the experience (and the smell) and then washed it out.



Step 4. Color Radiance Daily Conditioner

As with the shampoo, I went with the conditioner for coloured hair. This was really where I began to feel the difference in my hair. Normally at this part of a hair wash my hair can begin to feel a bit weighed down with product, but instead it felt really lightweight and silky smooth. Again, it smelt like a dream. I massaged it throughout but mainly through the lengths and then rinsed it off.



Step 5. Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner

As I tend to colour and style my hair often, it’s quite dry and a little on the damaged side, so a leave-in conditioner is a staple in my routine. This was lovely to use (and the bottle is VERY generously sized). I sprayed it through my hair and worked it through to the ends.

leave in conditioner


The Results

the results

I know what Greg meant about falling in love with your hair again. From beginning to end this routine was just a complete pleasure. My hair feels soft and bouncy and in amazing condition. I’m definitely a convert, and I would highly recommend you try this routine for yourself.

Shop the full routine here:

So, what does the future look like for Innersense Organic Beauty?

2020 was a big year for us environmentally. We became both plastic and carbon neutral and launched refill pouches. I anticipate we’ll continue to expand our environmental initiatives and further reduce our footprint. Of course we’ll continue launching new products and expanding our ingredient tool kit to include even more nourishing, plant and mineral-based ingredients. Right now, I think our future looks like mango seed butter and baobab, but that’s the ingredient nerd in me talking!



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