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    Naturisimo — home to soothing and enriching moisturisers

    Complete your routine with a moisturiser you truly love. The sealing step of a face moisturiser will help to lock in hydration and protect your skin from moisture loss.

    Our range of natural moisturisers caters to all different needs, with nourishing ingredients for an everyday glow. No matter your preferences, every skin type will benefit from an enriching face cream packed with active ingredients. After all, even oily skin needs a hit of hydration to keep it happy.

    From vegan moisturisers with rich, buttery textures to organic moisturisers filled with antioxidants, there are plenty of top picks that you’ll look forward to using every morning and evening.

    Moisturiser is an AM and PM must

    Regular use of a moisturiser helps prevent skin dehydration while strengthening overall skin health. Lifestyle factors such as the weather, air-conditioning and travel can all have a drying effect, so it’s crucial to apply a face moisturiser day and night for the best results.

    A lightweight moisturiser is an excellent option for daytime and will provide a smooth canvas for subsequent makeup application. While moisturiser may be one of the last steps in your skincare routine, it should be considered the first in your makeup routine.

    Our skin also works hard overnight to regenerate while you sleep, and by applying one of our natural moisturisers before bed, you’ll be supercharging the process. 

    Once you’ve found your perfect moisturiser, browse the rest of our skincare products to complete your twice-daily routine.


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