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    Face serums for nourishment, hydration and a boost of radiance

    Whether you're after deep hydration or brightening power, elevate your routine by finding the perfect face serum for your skin type.

    Designed to lock in moisture and penetrate deeply into the skin, serums for the face are lightweight and fast-absorbing. The unique texture they offer, combined with a high concentration of targeted ingredients, will make any serum from Naturisimo a must-have product in your daily routine.

    Explore our collection of face serums

    Among our selection of organic and natural serums, you’ll find plenty of active ingredients that will target specific concerns while supporting the overall health of your skin. Whether it be a natural serum with skin-soothing benefits or a vegan serum that evens skin tone, we’ll help you find your ideal fit.

    Experience the luxury a natural face serum can bring to your routine while it helps to strengthen and protect your external barrier. All of our nourishing formulas are enriched with antioxidants — these are essential for fighting daily aggressors and pollutants while preventing the signs of ageing.

    Once you’ve found your go-to organic face serum in our range, add it to your daily routine in between your cleanser and moisturiser.  A serum will work best when patted and pressed into the skin for optimal absorption. Some serum formulas can be applied both morning and night, while others are AM and PM specific. But what’s also great about the lightweight texture of face serums is that they can be layered and alternated to suit your skin's needs.

    Shop the rest of our skincare collection to complete your routine once you’ve found your perfect match within our range of face serums.


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