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    Discover our collection of lip balms and lip scrubs for a super soft pout

    From exfoliating lip scrubs that remove dead skin to thirst-quenching lip balms that provide unmatched hydration, discover Naturismo’s collection of organic and natural lip care products. 

    Whether you’re dealing with constant dryness or chapped lips during winter, our natural and organic lip balms utilise the power of potent botanicals to bring your lips back to their healthiest state. 

    Packed with antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that help fortify and heal your lips, our natural and organic lip balms protect your delicate skin while fighting against stress-inducing free radicals that can accelerate the ageing process. Our soft and buttery formulas will provide lasting hydration and gentle conditioning with just one or two swipes.

    Searching for a tinted lip balm that provides a subtle wash of colour? Our range of sheer, lightweight and creamy tinted lip balms glide smoothly across the lips for long-lasting colour. With our natural and organic lip balms, you can restore your plump pout and get ready to leave painful, bleeding and cracked lips behind.

    Natural lip scrubs that buff away dry skin to restore softness 

    Much like your skin, exfoliating with a lip scrub at least once a week will help remove the exterior layer of dead skin cells to reveal a soft and smooth surface — making lipsticks, lip balms and lip liners far more effective and long-lasting. Choose from our expansive range of natural lip scrubs from leading natural and organic brands to experience the difference a scrub can make to your daily routine. 

    Looking for more ethical and organic beauty must-haves? Explore our entire skincare collection to find all-natural products that you can add to your daily rotation.


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