How To Apply Cream Blush

How To Apply Cream Blush

For a lit-from-within glow that’s dewy and flawless, you can’t go wrong with a cream blush. This powerful beauty essential is akin to a magic wand that instantly transforms and illuminates your complexion.

Whether you’re looking for a soft wash of colour or hoping to create a bold, full-glam look, learning how to apply cream blush is a secret weapon no makeup lover should forgo. The buttery-soft and intensely hydrating formulas in our range make applying cream blush a dream, and you can build, buff and blend to your heart’s content to create the look you’re after.

Learn how to apply cream blush like a professional MUA

Enhance your cheeks’ natural colour and create a soft flush or a cheeky radiant tint — whatever your go-to look is, applying cream blush is a skill that’ll help you boost your glow. If you’re just entering the exciting world of cream blush, you must have plenty of burning questions such as ‘what do you use to apply cream blush?’ or ‘do I apply cream blush before or after powder?’. Or perhaps you’re wondering, ‘when or where do I apply cream blush?’ To help you out, we’ve listed the foundational basics that should have you flaunting impeccably dewy, rosy cheeks in no time.

  • Prep your skin
  • Clean, hydrated and nourished skin is the best canvas for applying cream blush, helping the product spread evenly and blend effortlessly. Prep your skin with a moisturiser, primer or foundation (or all three) before choosing your blush colour and the application tools you’ll need.

  • Using your fingers
  • Unsure how to apply cream blush with your fingers? Fear not! Starting with a tiny dab of product will prevent you from overdoing it, ensuring it looks like your natural skin — only better.

    Using clean fingers, pat the cream blush onto your cheeks and blend the colour towards your temples — don’t forget to smile while you do it. Repeat the process, slowly building, buffing and blending until you reach your desired colour.

  • Using a brush
  • The best brush to apply cream blush is a tapered or angled brush to contour, sculpt and define your features. Using your fingers, dab a small amount of product onto the apples of your cheeks. Then, buff the product with your brush of choice using sweeping circular motions that move upwards towards your temples.

    Ensure you’re applying equal amounts of colour to both sides of your face for a symmetrical application that balances your features. If you’re wondering, ‘can you apply cream blush over powder?’ or if you should apply cream blush before or after powder, it's best to wear powder-based products over cream blushes — never the other way around. Once you’ve applied your cream blush, add a light layer of powder over the top to reach your desired level of coverage and colour.

  • Using a cream blush stick
  • Last but not least, you can also learn how to apply a cream blush stick for a healthy flush of gorgeous colour. Lightly swiping the stick in small strokes over your cheeks for a sun-kissed glow will make your skin look radiant, fresh and rosy. Don’t forget to buff and blend for a seamless, natural finish.

    Ultimately, choosing how to apply cream blush boils down to personal preference and working within your comfort zone. Still, experimenting with a pop of colour and the application process can make a huge difference once you have the basics down pat. So, next time you’re getting ready for a night out or need a quick refresh, don’t forget to add a little cream blush to your cheeks and enjoy that next-level, rosy glow.

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