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Rosacea and

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Rosacea: What it is, what causes
it and how to address it

Ah, rosacea. A misleadingly pretty name for something so stubborn and angry-looking. It may be quite a common skin disorder but it’s still far from ideal. It affects many of us in the form of patches of redness, but can also cause visible blood vessels on the skin.
So, to better understand what rosacea is exactly, how it’s caused and how we can treat it, we caught up with cosmetic doctor, Dr Maryam Borumand to get the lowdown.

This is where we come in. Luckily for you, our range of gentle, skin-loving products has plenty on offer for skin conditions like rosacea. And to make your life even easier, we’ve got the top picks straight from Dr Borumand.

Step 1. Cleanse & Tone

Pai Skincare Middlemist Seven Camellia & Rose Gentle Cream Cleanser together with Pai Skincare Century Flower Lotus & Orange Blossom Soothing Tonic, are a perfect match to cleanse and prepare the skin for the day or night.”

150ml, £34

50ml, £29

Step 2. Serum

“Serums are generally better than heavy cream moisturisers, as the latter can clog up the pores, causing more inflammation. Rose Plus Booster by MV Skintherapy is great for flare ups, as it helps calm the skin. It contains rosehip, known for its healing properties. Even though it is oil based, it is light, and so I recommend its use at night.”

35ml, £95

Step 3. Moisturiser

“REN Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream is a great day moisturiser. It’s packed with herbal extracts, which soothe the skin, and boost hydration. The extracts also have antioxidant properties, which help repair damaged skin.”

50ml, £38

Step 4. Mask

“Problematic skin often requires more than moisturising.Susanne Kaufmann Calming Mask contains a mixture of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which support cell renewal. It can be used as a weekly treatment, or daily to help fight against bacteria.”

50ml, £54

Friendly reminder: it takes skin around 28 days to renew itself, so remember to be patient with your skin when trying out new products. If used in combination, on a daily basis, the results will come. And hey, we know we said it before but seriously. Wear your sunscreen.

We’re pretty sure you’ll find your match made in heaven on the Naturisimo website, where there’s everything you need to calm and soothe redness and rosacea. Don’t forget to show us your new routine (@naturisimo) and help others find just the thing for their skin.

We spoke to Dr Maryam Borumand, a cosmetic doctor to bring you this guide. But please remember these recommendations won’t work for everyone. Always speak to your doctor if you require more specialist, tailored advice.

Dr Maryam Borumand has extensive experience in healthcare, research, pharmaceutical and neutraceuticals. In 2013, she entered the cosmetics field and carried out extensive research on collagen, with numerous publications. In 2016, she set up YouGlo Laboratories and has achieved approval by CQC (Care Quality Commission). Dr. Borumand's knowledge of skin and cosmetics reflect her ethos of guaranteeing results.

top picks for rosacea


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