Our Story

As a destination for the consciously-minded, we have always been passionate about bringing you the very best products that are good for you, and for the planet.

Never prepared to compromise on quality, we aim to showcase the most premium brands at the very forefront of green beauty. We believe in making you look and feel good, with a range that reflects our vision for a more ethical future.


Founded in 2008, Naturisimo has been championing clean beauty and lifestyle products for over 10 years. Born out of a desire to see real change in the way we treat ourselves and the world around us, Naturisimo has fast become a trusted leader of ethical retail. Working with some of the most pioneering brands in ethical beauty and lifestyle, we are driven to provide you with an exciting product range that reflects our uncompromising values.

Why Naturisimo

Whether a passionate and dedicated clean beauty lover, or someone looking to make a change and curious to learn more, we have you covered. We specialise in sourcing some of the world’s most ethical brands and we ensure that every single product is held to our high standards. Our rigorous selection criteria guarantees that anything you buy from us will be of the highest purity, quality and integrity.

1% for the Planet

We're a 1% for the Planet member, which means we have pledged to donate 1% of all our annual sales (not profit) to vital environmental causes around the world. This means every time you shop with us, you're giving something back to our planet.


At Naturisimo, we are committed to doing our bit for the planet. Let us tell you a bit more...


Your wellbeing, and that of the planet, are at the heart of everything we do. Learn more about our ethos...


Share our vision of a greener future? We’re always looking for new additions to the team. Find out more...



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