About Us

In 2008 Naturisimo decided that the beauty industry could do better for people and planet.

We began our journey to provide smart beauty for conscious humans with a mission to showcase a more value-driven and planet-conscious edit of the world’s best beauty, makeup, skincare and wellbeing ranges. We believed that covetable didn’t have to mean compromise, and we made a promise to be as transparent as possible about the values that matter most to our community, including ingredients and sustainability.

We know we all want to make more conscious choices, but it’s not always easy. So we decided to turn our backs on greenwashing by ensuring that all our brands make evidence-based claims around their product’s green credentials as well as their efficacy.

Our Naturally Conscious label system is there to support your shopping journey by verifying claims and allowing you to easily identify the products that match your values. But it doesn’t stop there. We also use Provenance - a tech solution that uses block-chain technology to verify sustainability claims - to add a further layer of confidence to your shop.

Our Values


Quality & Conscious Ingredients

Our stringent ingredient policy has been around since 2008 and is continually evolving to reflect new findings. It’s there to provide you with transparency and peace of mind. If there is ever any doubt about an ingredient's safety or efficacy, we won’t allow it on our shelves.

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We’re winners of the Marie Claire Sustainability Award for Best sustainable beauty, health and wellness retailer.

We prioritise products that are recyclable, refillable and responsibly packaged. Our order packaging is 100% recyclable and considerately sourced while our recycling programme provides an easy way to recycle your empties. Need help recycling? We’re here to help - help@naturisimo.com

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We want to bring together a community of like-minded humans to share advice, inspire and empower. Whether it’s a reliable product recommendation from someone with your skin type, or getting informed advice from our team of beauty and skincare experts, building meaningful connection sits at the heart of what we do.


Knowing the industry has a problem with greenwashing, we’re committed to complete transparency, always. We aim to help you discover your perfect product through clear, honest labels. If we can’t verify a claim, we won’t stand by it. Meaning you can shop more confidently. 

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This product has been certified by an accredited organisation (like COSMOS Natural or NATRUE) as being naturally produced and/or contains ingredients of natural origin.


This product has been certified by an accredited organisation (like EcoCert or Soil Association) as having been formulated with a portion of natural ingredients from a certified organic production.


This product has been certified vegan by an accredited organisation (like The Vegan Society) and is therefore suitable for vegans (i.e. the formulation contains no animal-derived ingredients and is 100% plant-based).


This brand is meeting high standards of accountability and transparency on factors from charitable giving to ethical supply chain practices. It’s a stamp of reassurance that the brand you’re buying from is operating ethically.

Cruelty Free

This product has been verified by an accredited organisation (like Leaping Bunny or PETA) as being cruelty-free.


This product has been verified as having some sort of sustainable innovation involved in its manufacturing and/or packaging. Such as :






PROVENANCE is a block-chain system. It works with a number of brands globally to verify and collect their data in order to present their sustainable credentials according to a number of criteria relating to Community, Workers, Waste, Climate and Nature.