At Naturisimo, being conscious comes naturally. Over ten years ago, we designed our Naturally Conscious label system to help you clearly view the ethical values of your favourite products at a glance.

We want to help you say no to greenwashing by ensuring that all our brands make evidence-based claims around their product’s green credentials as well as their efficacy.

Here’s how it works...

Our Conscious Labels

We've carefully selected six labels to represent the values most important to our community. We work closely with brands to ensure there is accreditation behind each claim and if there isn't, you won't see it on our site. Whether you're vegan, a natural devotee or looking to reduce your environmental impact, our Conscious Labels are there to help you identify which product is right for you.


This product has been certified by an accredited organisation (like COSMOS Natural or NATRUE) as being naturally produced and/or contains ingredients of natural origin.


This product has been certified by an accredited organisation (like EcoCert or Soil Association) as having been formulated with a portion of natural ingredients from a certified organic production.


This product has been certified vegan by an accredited organisation (like The Vegan Society) and are therefore suitable for vegans. (ie the formulation contains no animal-derived ingredients and is 100% plant-based).


This brand is meeting high standards of accountability and transparency on factors from charitable giving to ethical supply chain practices. It’s a stamp of reassurance that the brand you’re buying from is operating ethically.

Cruelty Free

This product has been verified by an accredited organisation (like Leaping Bunny or PETA) as being cruelty-free.


This product is a more environmentally-conscious choice as the formulation and/or packaging falls into one of the 
following categories:


Provenance are the global leader in sustainability communications. They help take our Conscious Labels a step further by allowing you to see the evidence behind each claim.

The Provenance label means a brand is at the most advanced stage in their transparency journey. Simply hover over the Provenance 'Proof Points' to see the evidence (e.g. supply chain data, third-party verification etc.) behind each claim.

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