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Hot Flush solutions

They can be uncomfortable and always a little untimely, but hot flushes can also serve as an unwelcome reminder of the changes you're experiencing in your body. Despite how it may feel in those rather balmy moments, there are plenty of ways to restore comfort, calm and control back to your day-to-day life. From cooling gel moisturisers, refreshing mists and super targeted natural supplements, these are our top 5 picks for managing hot flushes, restoring comfort and regaining your sense of self. Naturally.

Refreshing Mists

Experience immediate relief from the discomfort of hot flushes with our carefully selected skin mists. Specially formulated to provide a cooling sensation, these mists hydrate and refresh your skin while calming the intense heat and redness associated with hot flushes. Infused with natural ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, and rosewater, our skin mists not only soothe but also nourish your skin, leaving it soft and radiant.

MV Skintherapy Rose Hydrating Mist
Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence
Pai Skincare Century Flower Barrier Defence Mist
NINI Organics Rosé Rose Water Face Mist

Cooling Hydration

Nothing combats sensations of overheating like a deeply cooling moisturiser. We've tried and tested our extensive range to reveal the crème de la crème of cooling, calming and hydrating hits. These thirst-quenching formulas keep hydration levels in place and skin as comfortable as possible, no matter the temperature.

Antipodes Baptise H2O Ultra Hydrating Water Gel
Skin-drenching hydration
REN Clean Skincare EverHydrate Marine Moisture-Replenish Cream
48-hour moisture

Targeted Treatment

Often one of the most frustrating parts of hot flushes is the lack of control. The best approach to regaining this is a combination of short-term relief and long-term treatment. Whether it's a tailored kit to help you feel more like you, or a targeted skin treatment to ease those skin symptoms, we've got you covered with our natural and organic picks.

Dr Hauschka Intensive Treatment for Menopausal Skin
Menopausal skin
The Menopause Relief Kit

Inner Support

Navigating the challenges of menopause can be made easier with the right inner support. Our range of supplements is expertly curated to help manage and alleviate the intensity and frequency of hot flushes. Packed with natural ingredients like black cohosh, red clover, and evening primrose oil, these supplements work to balance hormones and provide effective natural relief.

MPowder Meno-Boost All-in-One Supplement for Postmenopause
Wild Nutrition Menopause Complex
Equi London Menopause Oil Edition
Inner moisture

Cool All-Over

When heat takes over your entire body, you need to target more than just your face. Stay cool and comfortable no matter the heat with these highly effective body hydration essentials. Designed to provide instant relief, these products are perfect for combating hot flushes, summer heat, or intense workouts. From cooling gels and sprays to refreshing wipes and lotions, our collection is infused with soothing ingredients like aloe vera, menthol, and cucumber to calm your skin and reduce discomfort.

Jason Natural Soothing 98% Aloe Vera Gel
The heat quencher
OSKIA Universal Hyaluronic Acid Serum
The hydration restorer

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