Our night in with Neom: The experts of luxury self-care

Our night in with Neom: The experts of luxury self-care

If you’re anything like us, you love a good self-care pamper session. So, as the evenings get darker and colder, we’re discussing the perfect night in with the wellbeing experts over at Neom Organics (and our latest Brand of the Month). We caught up with the brand to find out their top tips for your wellbeing and exactly how you can level-up your next night in (and we even put the ritual to the test ourselves).

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How would you describe the Neom range to someone who has never experienced it?

We are a wellbeing brand that harnesses the strength of pure essential oils to help deliver a powerful moment of wellbeing in more ways than one. Whether you’re looking for better sleep, reduced stress, more energy or perhaps just a mood boost – we have you covered.

Can you tell us more about the incredible scent range that Neom offers? How important are natural ingredients to the scent-making process?

Natural essential oils and all-natural fragrances lie at the heart of NEOM and each one of our products are powerful, potent and smell divine. There are almost four bottles of essential oil in each one of our 3 wick candles, and they deliver a beautiful scent as well as super-powered wellbeing benefits when inhaled too.

Each of our four main pillars – sleep, stress, energy, and mood – have been scented to help. For sleep, we have two scent variations, one with lavender and one without. For stress, we have a super calming scent, for energy it’s an uplifting blend and for mood, it’s floral and fruity.

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What are your top tips for the perfect night in?

Nothing affects the way you look or feel more than sleep – or lack of it, so a good nightly routine is key. You should start your wind down 2 hours before bed by limiting the use of melatonin-suppressing artificial light. A bath (with our hero Bath Foam of course) can also help improve the efficiency of our sleep so try soaking for 20 minutes to allow absorption of the essential oils. Practicing mindful breathing can also help encourage the sleep-inducing hormone – melatonin.

When it comes to your bedroom, keep it cool and free of clutter and tech. Your bedroom should be a calm place. Before you sleep, spritz our bestselling Pillow Mist to help you drift off for a more restful night.

Our 'Night in with Neom'

Step 1. Set the mood

Neom Wellbeing Pod

As a lover of candles, diffusers, room sprays and anything else I can get my hands on, the Neom Wellbeing Pod was definitely a bit of a game-changer. It’s pure understated luxury. The gentle mist is totally deceiving too. It filled my whole house with fragrance and created the perfect zen vibe almost immediately.

Wellbeing Essential Oil Blends

If you’re unfamiliar with Neom’s oil blend range, I recommend trying the set so you can get a feel for all of them and pick one to suit your mood (it was genuinely impossible for me to pick a favourite, but I’m a sucker for anything sleep-inducing).

Scented Candle

If you’re more of a candle person (or don’t have as much to spend), then you can’t go wrong with a Neom candle. I’ve actually been a fan of these for a few years now, but there is nothing better than their limited edition festive scents.

Step 2. Run a bath

Perfect Night’s Sleep Bath Foam

As Neom suggested, I banished myself from any screen time 2 hours before I planned to go to bed. Instead, I ran myself a luxurious bath with the help of their bestselling Perfect Night’s Sleep Bath Foam. The only way I can describe this step was like sinking into pure foamy bliss. It was total heaven and the smell was next-level.

Step 3. Self-love

Intensive Skin Treatment Candle Real Luxury

I think any good pamper session should have a ‘self-love’ step. Whether it’s an indulgent face mask or a spa-like body treatment, I find there is nothing better for my wellbeing than taking some time to show myself some TLC. This skin treatment was a total game-changer. So indulgent, boujie and special. The ultimate night in treat.

Step 4. And finally, to sleep

Perfect Night Sleep Pillow Mist

As Neom said, nothing affects the way you look and feel more than sleep. This was the perfect way to end my indulgent night in. It’s like pure relaxation in a bottle and I must have drifted off within seconds. Do not underestimate the power of a humble pillow mist!

The verdict?

Whether it’s just one of the steps or all of them, upgrade your next night in with some a little touch of luxury (your wellbeing will thank you). As for me, if all nights in could be like this, I’d probably never leave the house again!

Finally, given the events of the past year or so, how does Neom provide a solution to the increasing demand for wellbeing?

At NEOM, we have a 360 approach to wellbeing. It’s about taking small steps every day that can make a big difference. Each and every one of our products helps to boost your wellbeing and bring a moment of pleasure and joy. After the past 18 months, people have realised that self-care isn’t a luxury but instead a necessity. You have to take the time to figure out what works for you and use it in times of need. Identify what it is that helps you to sleep, helps you to feel less stressed, helps you to feel more energised and happier.

Are there any other Naturisimo products that you think perfectly complement a Neom Ritual?

“The perfect night in calls for a good face mask - anything from Tata Harper, Evolve or Antipodes will work wonders.”



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