Meet the Brand: Neighbourhood Botanicals

Meet the Brand: Neighbourhood Botanicals

The natural, sustainable and independently female-owned beauty brand that’s more than just hype.

Here at Naturisimo, we’ve been pretty excited about launching Neighbourhood Botanicals for some time. The homegrown East London brand is not only natural, but planet-conscious too (they provide effective solutions to packaging waste and are even carbon-negative). But the cherry on top? They are independently female-owned and are easily the coolest looking beauty brand out there (we can’t get enough of their 60s/70s psychedelia inspired packaging).

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To get you as pumped as us, we put the range through its paces and spoke to
founder Micaela about what makes this brand so deserving of a spot on your bathroom shelf.

So Micaela, how would you describe Neighbourhood Botanicals
to those who aren’t familiar with the brand?

Neighbourhood Botanicals skincare is like a healthy home cooked meal for your skin! We’re a small independent green skincare range, formulated by the founder (me!) and made by a small team in our own lab in east London. We use cold-pressed oils and tried and true natural ingredients to support pure skin health at any age.

Why would every beauty lover want Neighbourhood Botanicals on their bathroom shelf?

We look great and we actually do what we say on the tin! Rather than follow trends and create throwaway products, we aim to make products which will become staples on your bathroom shelf for years to come. We believe if your skin is properly nourished with naturals then you may not need all the harsh synthetic performance products. Buy less, buy better we say.

Sustainability is a big talking point in the beauty industry right now.
Can you tell us more about what Neighbourhood Botanicals are doing in this space?

It sure is and rightly so. Part of the reason we call ourselves a ‘green’ beauty brand is not just because our formulations are natural, but because we keep environmental concerns at the forefront when conceiving new launches and just in our everyday practices. We’ve just launched biodegradable refills, we’re carbon-negative (not just Scope 1, but 2 and 3 also), most of our bottles are glass or aluminium and where we need to use plastic we’ve had them custom made in 100% PCR (post consumer recycled plastic). We also fund loans for entrepreneurs from developing nations through Lend With Care. Financially it costs us a lot to do things this way, but I’m not fussed, I would rather feel we have a legitimately good business and we are treading lightly on the world.

dr Sonia

If you’re stranded on a desert island and you could only choose one
Neighbourhood Botanicals product, which would it be?

The Body Oil is for sure the one thing I take when I’m short on space. Of course to moisturise your skin, including your face… but in a pinch, you can use it to remove mascara with the help of a towel or even a tissue! I guess our ‘Ooh I Feel Love’ water-based lube wouldn’t go astray all alone on a desert island either…

Neighbourhood Botanicals
The Body Oil

Neighbourhood Botanicals
Ooh, I Feel Love Cooling Lube

The Naturisimo Team ‘Road Test’


Naturisimo Community Executive

Skin type: Normal/Dull

Lifestyle: Busy mum who likes her beauty routine as simple as possible

Product: Neighbourhood Botanicals Face Off Oil to Milk Cleanser

The verdict: “I was pleasantly surprised with how effective this was. It melted away my makeup really quickly and effortlessly. The texture is really soft and soothing. Will definitely use this as my first cleanse going forwards.”

Neighbourhood Botanicals
Age of Aquarius Hair Oil

The verdict: This hair oil is fab for adding shine and smoothing, without weighing it down. It also smells lovely and the spray nozzle makes it SO easy to use


Creative Manager

Skin type: Combination/Dull

Lifestyle: Active, busy mum

Product: Neighbourhood Botanicals Daily Glow Facial Oil

The verdict: “Sinks in really quickly and gives my skin a nice glow. Perfect light oil with an uplifting scent. Now a staple of my morning ritual!”

Neighbourhood Botanicals
Dream Dream Night Oil

The verdict: “Can you tell I’m a bit obsessed with oils? This is a lovely, light (but nourishing) face oil that my skin just drank in. I don’t love going to sleep with weighed down skin so this was perfect. I woke up to healthy-looking skin which put me in a great mood for the rest of the day!”

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Assistant Buyer

Skin type: Dry/Sensitive

Lifestyle: Beauty devotee

Product: Neighbourhood Botanicals Face Off Oil to Milk Cleanser

The verdict: “My skin is both dry and sensitive, so an oil/milk cleanser like this one is a must. It gently removed all my make up, leaving my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. Plus I LOVE the packaging.”

Neighbourhood Botanicals
Simmer Down Face Serum

The verdict: “My sensitive skin really loved the soothing properties in this serum. I love a product that does what it says on the tin, and this one really delivered. Skin felt loads calmer after use.”


Content Editor

Skin type: Combination/Red

Lifestyle: Active, natural devotee

Product: Neighbourhood Botanicals Acid Washed Foaming Cleanser

The verdict: “I don’t normally opt for a foaming cleanser (hands up, I was drawn in by the packaging on this one) but I’m so glad I did. This is unlike any other foam cleanser I’ve used. It felt so silky on my skin and dissolved my makeup as well as any of my go-to cream cleansers. A product that looks good and actually does good too. I’m very impressed!”

Neighbourhood Botanicals
Mild Mannered Face Lotion

The verdict:  I’m giving you this very rough and ready image because it’s the most accurate representation of the effects. I was delighting in the fact that my skin was looking so calm (and way less red) than it usually does by 4pm. A true miracle worker.

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So finally Micaela, what do you think makes
Naturisimo and Neighbourhood Botanicals such a great fit?

We share the same passion for natural ingredients, design, sustainability, and most of all, great skincare! I’m so excited for your community to be introduced to us.

And what does the future look like for Neighbourhood Botanicals?

We’re just keeping on keeping on! We’ve been around since 2016 but we’re a small team and totally self funded so our growth has been organic. That means we don’t have to answer to any investors or hit boring corporate targets! I formulate whatever I feel like and hope our customers like it too. Next up I am looking at shaking up the world of shampoo, and some ace aromatherapy products. We are also making our packaging more lust-worthy and permanent now that we have our refills, which is a lot of investment but very fun.

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