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Erin Bateman

About me:

I love lots of natural ingredients in my skincare. I'm quite laid back with my routine but my non-negotiables are a good cleanser and a reef-safe SPF. My skin type is combination/oily. It's also quite red and reactive so l usually look for products that are really soothing to help calm down that angry-looking redness. Also anything that promises a little 'glow' is good with me.

My top tip? Find products that create an experience. Your beauty routine should be something you look forward to.


Life Stage
Skin Type
Skin Concern(s)
Acne, Dark / Puffy Undereye Circles
Wellness Concern(s)
Stress, Muscles
Workout Junkie
Favourite Nat Brand

Morning Ritual


Time Length:

30 minutes
Routine Approach:

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Step 1: Cleanse

I like to start my day with my favourite cleanser. I always rave about this stuff. It melts away any impurities and gently enlivens my skin, giving it that subtle dose of glow. Once I’ve massaged it into skin, I remove it with a warm, wet cloth (my favourite is the organic cleansing cloth from Balmology).

Step 2: Tone

I love a good essence. This one really awakens my skin and gives it a much-needed boost of brightness and I love how much firmer my skin feels after using it. I just gently press the product onto my face and allow it to absorb before moving onto the next step.

Step 3: Serum

This is my favourite ever serum. It’s pretty pricey but it’s one of those splurge products that’s ideal for when you’re craving some indulgence. The look and feel of my skin after using it is just unbeatable. I don’t tend to use this everyday so I’ll sometimes swap it out for a hyaluronic serum to get in that super dose of hydration. I love the Evolve Hyaluronic Serum 200.

Step 4: Eye Cream

I never used to use an eye cream but as I’ve gotten older I definitely find I need one. I love the 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream, especially for when I wake up in the morning. It’s just a really lovely energising boost for those darker under eye areas. Plus it smells delicious.

Step 5: Moisturize/SPF

Sometimes my skin is really oily and sometimes it can be a little dry. On those drier days, I will apply a moisturiser then an SPF. But most days I just go straight in with my SPF otherwise my skin ends up feeling really weighed down. I’ve tried loads but this is the one I swear by (and have got all my friends hooked on). It’s super velvety and hydrating and smells like a summer holiday. It absorbs quickly and gives my skin the best hydrated glow. It’s also reef-safe which is non-negotiable for me as I spend a lot of time in the water. It’s really 10/10.

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