Liquid Chlorophyll: The real benefits of the viral sensation

Liquid Chlorophyll

From healthcare to beauty, there’s always a new must-have ingredient. In 2020 we couldn’t stop talking about vitamin D. The year before? Probiotics were suddenly everywhere, from your supplements to your skincare.

The ingredient to know about in 2021? Liquid chlorophyll. And it feels most appropriate that it found its way to viral fame on...yep you guessed it, TikTok. How very 2021. And as always, we’re on hand to give you the lowdown on everything you need to know. Is liquid chlorophyll really that good for acne and weight loss? Does it taste bad? Wait, what even is it?

Never fear. With some help from our friends at KIKI Health, we’ve got all your questions covered.

Okay, so what is liquid chlorophyll?

“Chlorophyll is a green pigment that is naturally derived from plants and algae and which is characterized by a green colour. It’s the most important and nutritious component of most green foods and gives them their unique colour. It helps plants transform sunlight into energy and is wealthy in a multitude of vital nutrients.”

What are the benefits of taking liquid chlorophyll?

There are thought to be quite a few. The main ones include the following:

• Known as an “internal deodorant”
• May support the body’s detox process
• Helps to flush out toxins
• Nourishes healthy hair, nails and skin
• Helps provide an energy boost
• Helps neutralise breath and body odour from within

Why do we think liquid chlorophyll has become so popular (particularly on TikTok)?

liquid chlorophyll

Although currently trending, the benefits of liquid chlorophyll have been well documented for some time. A study took place almost 80 years ago that spoke of its benefits on a variety of different health concerns.

“Liquid chlorophyll has gained the majority of its popularity from a current social media trend within the health supplement and beauty market. As you say the product is currently trending on TikTok and Instagram with millions of views and it’s mainly down to its ability to help nourish hair and skin along with its distinctive colour and grassy scent.”

So where can I buy liquid chlorophyll? And which one is best?

You can get your hands on some liquid chlorophyll right here at Naturisimo where we are huge fans of the KIKI Health formula. What makes it so great? Well, as the brand explains, “the majority of liquid chlorophyll on the market is made from sodium copper chlorophyllin which is a derivative of chlorophyll, making it partly synthetic. Our liquid chlorophyll, on the other hand, is made from 100% alfalfa grass, blended with just purified water - a pure wholefood.”

And now for the real burning question - what does liquid chlorophyll taste like?

“Our chlorophyll comes in a bio-available liquid form and is a completely natural, plant-based solution obtained from alfalfa plants alone without preservatives or artificial colouring and therefore has a vibrant organic flavour.”


KIKI Health Liquid Chlorophyll

125ml, £14.95


kiki health liquid chlorophyll

Here’s what our ambassador Cormac has to say about the formula:

“Since taking Kiki Health Liquid Chlorophyll I have definitely noticed it’s anti-inflammatory benefits. The skin on my face is less red and my bacne is less inflamed and irritated.”
- Cormac @skintcare

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