A Natural Beauty Lover’s Guide to Black Friday

Black Friday



What is it and when do you need to be ready for it?

By now, many of us are familiar with Black Friday. Whether you pile up your wishlist in anticipation, or you’re more of an in-the-moment shopper, it can’t hurt to get clued up about what to expect from Black Friday 2022.

While many of us love a good saving, we know it’s also important to many of us (especially the Naturisimo community) to shop sustainably. So we’ve rounded up all the facts about Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022, as well as some handy tips about how to enjoy those all-important savings, and why the best place to shop this year is right here at Naturisimo.

So, what is Black Friday?

The origins of this day started in the US, with the first Friday after Thanksgiving becoming an occasion to shop discounts across retail. Now marked in many Western countries each year, we like to use the day as a chance for unmissable savings across your favourite clean, ethical beauty and wellness faves. Because what’s not to love about that?

Why is it called Black Friday?

When it was first invented, the ‘black’ in the name referred to companies offering discounts to boost sales i.e. turn sales from ‘red to black’. While it may not have the same meaning these days, the name has sort of stuck and is now known as an opportunity to enjoy higher-than-usual savings ahead of the festive season (gift sets, luxury skincare and sparkly makeup palettes are at the top of our wishlist every year).

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What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the first Monday following Black Friday. The ‘cyber’ in the name refers to the fact this is typically a day for e-commerce websites to hold their own sales and discount deals. And yep, that means us too! We wouldn’t want you to miss out after all...

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday 2022 falls on 25th of November. This is the official kickoff for Black Friday, but at Naturisimo you can expect the savings to start a few days earlier (stay tuned!). Cyber Monday 2022 then falls on the 28th of November.

But hey, we have a secret for you. Our subscribers get even earlier access to Black Friday discounts. Want to be one of the lucky few? Simply sign up here.

Do Black Friday deals last all weekend?

Not always, but you’ll be glad to know that they do at Naturisimo (that is of course while stocks last). We think it’s better to take the pressure off and allow you to shop at your own pace and still enjoy those unmissable savings.

Is Black Friday really cheaper?

Absolutely. Naturisimo is home to some of the best beauty deals Black Friday has to offer. You can expect to find unmissable savings this year, with a sitewide discount on your favourite beauty and wellness buys. There are rumours some companies increase prices before Black Friday to offer misleading discounts, but that’s something you’ll never see at Naturisimo. We only ever offer the most competitive and honest prices.

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Is Black Friday or Christmas sale better?

It depends, although our advice would be that Black Friday is a better opportunity to do your Christmas shopping for less! Our Christmas sale still promises great discounts though (and you’ll definitely find us snatching up those beauty buys from under our duvet on Boxing Day).

How can you do Black Friday sustainably?

We get it, this can be a tricky one. But making your shop more sustainable is sort of our forte. As a retailer that stocks the biggest, must-have names in beauty and wellness, we think that by enjoying your discount with us, you only need to place one order rather than several, and you can still get all your faves (delivered in sustainable, fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging).

It’s also worth remembering that all year round (Black Friday and Cyber Monday included) we donate 1% of each and every sale back to the environment via our 1% for the Planet membership. We like to think of it as looking good, feeling good and doing good all at the same time.

Our Top Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022

1. If you’re going to save, why not save big?

Now is the time to dust off that Naturisimo wishlist. If you’ve had your eye on something for a while but not been able to find the excuse, we say this is the perfect time to splurge guilt-free. The more you spend, the more you save, so it’s the perfect opportunity to shop for that special something.


2. Get in early for Christmas

If you celebrate Christmas, it can be an expensive time of year. With Black Friday falling just before December, it’s the perfect time to cross people off your shopping list with something extra special for less (we call it being a ‘Natural Gift Giver’!)


3. Get festive party season ready

This one is for everyone. December is usually full of parties and get-togethers, and after so long apart, this year promises to be a big one. Stock up on those must-have makeup palettes, those drool-worthy lipsticks and lash-lengthening mascaras and get ready to turn some heads.


4. Treat. Your. Self.

This can be a pretty chaotic time of year so we think Black Friday is the ideal opportunity to show yourself some love. Darker evenings, colder days and the busy festive season approaching...we say you deserve a little indulgence (it’s the excuse we use anyway). Why not splurge on something special to make it all a bit more bearable?


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Still looking for Black Friday inspiration?

Our Naturisimo community (aka the real experts) are beauty lovers just like you and are always full of amazing advice, tips and recommendations. We’ve rounded up a few of their Black Friday wishlist items to share with you, so you can get inspired (and find your new favourite).







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