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S5 Skincare came to speak to us about the bioactive ingredients incorporated in their range from the world's most extreme ecosystems & the ways this can strengthen the skins natural resilience against modern day aggressors such as free radical damage, pollution and UV radiation. At S5 we aim to find the most effective ingredients on Earth to treat skin concerns such as sensitivity, blemishes, ageing, hyperpigmentation and dryness. Our research has shown that ingredients from extreme ecosystems are the most effective natural ingredients known. Plants have evolved adaptations to enable them to survive the extreme conditions of their home and we can harness these adaptations to benefit particular skin concerns.

Marine Ecosystem - Sensitivity

In the marine environment, conditions are both harsh and changeable. The saltiness of the water causes considerable cellular stress. The tidal fluctuation causes variation in both the moisture levels and also the temperature. In the S5 Calm Serum for sensitive skin, we use several seaweeds that are well adapted to this harsh environment as they are often very beneficial for sensitive skin that reacts to changes in the environment and help to soothe and calm.

Arctic Ecosystem - Ageing

The arctic ecosystem is one of the harshest places on the planet. The extreme cold is capable of crushing cellular walls. Extremophilic bacteria are some of the only life that can be found in this environment and they produce special glycoproteins to strengthen their cellular walls and defend against the cold, which we use in our anti ageing Renew Serum. These glycoproteins deliver sensational anti ageing benefits when applied to the skin due to their amazing strengthening properties on collagen as well as being cryoprotective.

Alpine Ecosystem - Hyperpigmentation

The alpine ecosystem also has long winters, cold temperatures but also thin air and a high level of UV radiation. Alpine plants tend to be very potent and well adapted to deal with this environmental stress. In the S5 Illuminate Serum for Hyperpigmentation, we use a blend of 7 alpine herbs which helps to reduce the appearance of UV damage and we also use Maca, a root from the high Andes of Peru which improves the appearance of luminosity and radiance.

Desert - Dryness

In the desert, there is very little water and there is also a very big variation between the temperature in the daytime and at night. Plants like cacti evolve special ways to lock water into their cells and also to cope with extreme temperatures. In the S5 Restore Cream for dry skin, we use Rhodiola an adaptogenic root which comes from the Arctic desert in Siberia. It helps skin to adapt to fluctuations in temperature.

Rainforest Ecosystem - Blemishes

The rainforest ecosystem is lush and humid and life flourishes there. However, plants have to compete with bacteria and other life forms to survive. Several Amazonian plants have potent antibacterial properties. In the S5 Purity Serum for Blemishes, we use an Amazonian blend of Acai and Copaiba which helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and balance oil production.

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