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Meet the Maker: MOA

  • 3 min read
We caught up with Charlie Fowler the joint CEO of MOA to discover the vision behind the brand as well as the powerful way in which the products can offer therapeutic relief to those who may suffer problematic or sensitive skin.

What was the inspiration behind creating the brand MOA (Magic Organic Apothecary)?

My first child Jemima suffered with horrible eczema as a baby, and as I started to scrutinise the petrochemicals being prescribed, I began to realise the scary long term effects of using these creams on a daily basis. I began on a quest for natural and organic food and skincare. We (myself and my business partner) worked with a herbalist to create a simple balm to soothe and heal this type of itchy, aggravated skin...The Green Balm was born! I was especially drawn to yarrow, having heard so much praise for this humble herb, and yet it seemed to have fallen out of fashion within organic skincare. Not only does this versatile herb have a wealth of uses for skin and health, I was also particularly charmed by some of its magical folklore. I draw all the illustrations and design the packaging and have always been fascinated by myths and magic and so these old tales have become an important part of the MOA brand.

How would you describe your core customer?

Anyone who loves natural and organic. Our products are very therapeutic and our customers enjoy the sense of wellbeing which we create. We have a lot of customers with sensitive or problematic skin, who find relief from our products, which is always lovely to hear.

Your hero product 'The Green Balm' has a wide variety of uses. What are the key ingredients that make it so versatile?

Our organic Green Balm was our original product and harnesses the powers of our hero herb yarrow (Achillea Millefolium) which is such a versatile and useful herb. It takes its Latin name from Greek hero Achilles, who legend has it, used it to heal his soldiers’ wounds after battle, it has an ancient history as a healing herb. With its simple nourishing base and tea tree, nature’s powerful antiseptic, it creates a powerful healing synergy and can be applied to soothe a lengthy list of skin complaints from eczema, psoriasis, insect bites, bruises, minor burns and it also makes a wonderfully balancing facial cleanser, ideal for acne and problematic skin.

If someone was discovering the brand for the first time what should be the first product they try?

If you enjoy face products then our Daily Cleansing Ritual covers all bases, as it includes a pot of our healing Green Balm along with a bamboo face cloth to hot cloth cleanse. This is such a simple, Eco way to cleanse and balance the skin. If you are more of a body and bath person I would recommend our Fortifying Bath Potion for an indulgent pick me up, when feeling run down or under the weather, it really does wonders to ease a headache or clear the mind after a stressful day.

What's next for MOA in 2018?

We love getting inspired and creative with the development of new products and we already have new lines in development for 2018, we can’t wait! All our new products are now vegan and we are also looking at ways of becoming more Eco and recycling our bottles, there is so much waste out there. There seems to be a conscious and positive change in the air for 2018 and I feel excited about the year ahead!

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