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We caught up with one of our favourite people, May Lindstrom, to find out more about her cult skincare range, the new long-awaitedPendulum Potion and how she mixes the products together to create the most delicious treats for the skin. There are an infinite amount of ways to mix and match within my collection to create your ultimate personalized ritual. With the addition of The Pendulum Potion to our small family of treats, things just got even more fun. Pendulum Potion 1 Tsp The Clean Dirt + 1 Tsp The Pendulum Potion = A Super Yummy, Brightening, Nourishing Exfoliant 1 Tbsp The Problem Solver + 1/2 Tbsp The Pendulum Potion + 1/2 Tbsp The Jasmine Garden = The Ultimate Treatment Masque* *incredible for both acne-prone and dehydrated or sensitive skin Bonus: 1 x big dollop of The Honey Mud to either blend = Pure Bliss! Let’s also talk layering – after removing makeup (which you can do The Pendulum Potion), spend a bit of time before you enter your shower to massage more of The Pendulum Potion into your skin. Smooth a rich layer of The Honey Mud right over the top to give it a big cushy hug. Allow the heat and steam to infuse this goodness deep into your skin, giving you a serious moisture treatment and sensory experience while also protecting the natural oils of your skin from evaporation. Rinse as the last step, then follow with a trio of The Youth Dew, The Blue Cocoon and The Jasmine Garden, massaged with love into your skin while soaking wet and fully receptive. You’ll practically hear your skin sing! may lindstrom skincare Don’t be afraid to take The Pendulum Potion head to toe – This treat is incredible for hair, providing total nourishment and goodness. A few drops smoothed through locks or blended with your conditioner adds lustre and sends you off into the world softly emanating the most intoxicating of scents. I also love The Pendulum Potion on damp skin immediately following a shower, drizzled into my bath water, swiped over shoulders, decollete and legs for date nights and even as the softest, most grounding perfume worn throughout the day. The Blue Cocoon The Honey Mud and The Pendulum Potion are quite different, though very complimentary to each other. The Pendulum Potion is a cleansing oil, and I typically like to indulge in this as my first step in the evenings, removing any makeup. The Honey Mud follows as a second cleanse/masque (also gorgeous for a gentle morning cleanser), feeding goodness back into the skin. Every second or third day, introduce The Clean Dirt to brighten and decongest, complementing twice weekly anti-inflammatory and detoxifying treatments with The Problem Solver. After every cleanse or treatment, hydrate with The Youth Dew and/or The Blue Cocoon on wet skin, followed by The Jasmine Garden and lots of massages to ensure the deepest possible penetration of these gorgeous ingredients.

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