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Ten years ago, James Duigan made it his mission to change people’s lives. Bodyism began in 2006, in a small room at the bottom of a mews house in South Kensington. Since then, they have grown to become a global wellness and lifestyle company. The reason Bodyism has grown at such an incredible rate is that it has always focused on why we do things rather than what we do. The 'why' has always been to change people’s lives which has allowed us to transcend from lunges and squats in a small room to creating a 360 degree lifestyle solution for customers and members all over the world.
portrait_30Oct16_1 Bodyism founders; world-renowned wellness guru James Duigan and wife Christiane
Each element of growth has come from identifying the needs of people. By listening and understanding their customers and members, James was able to identify where Bodyism could help and bring all that Bodyism stands for into each and every product and service they offer. Over the years, Bodyism has attracted a glittering list of clients from all over the world. The one thing that everyone at Bodyism is proud of is that no matter who walks through our doors, they are treated with the same kindness, compassion and respect. From the chemicals in our foods, the environment and the general stress of our busy lives, we often struggle to nutrient-proof our diet. The ingredients in our food are not always nutrient-dense. James and his team have spent years creating all-natural, nutrient-rich, alkalising, gut-healing supplements to help you be kind to yourself so that you look and feel strong, lean and beautiful. James explains why he set out on this journey and takes us through the range of nutrient rich powders, so you can find the right one for you! “When I introduce a new client to the supplements, I feel like I am letting them into a secret. I created each one with a single pillar of health in mind. I looked at what people needed and worked backwards from that. Like the entire Clean and Lean range, I was never looking to make a profit, I wanted to change people’s lives. Every supplement is an incredibly powerful baseline of nutrition. Each individual scoop simply enables busy people to gain a huge amount of health benefits without the stress or pressure of having to spend time creating ridiculously complicated smoothies throughout the day. Just try one for two weeks and watch the changes happen.”

Body Brilliance

This is what I like to call ‘the supermodel’s secret weapon’. It takes care of every nutritional need (and it tastes like chocolate). A scoop of BodyBrilliance gives you an organic blend of vegan protein, a full dose of super greens, a good boost of fibre and a natural probiotic too. Try: Mix it with almond milk, a handful of berries, some spinach and half a banana and you have a Clean and Lean on-the-go breakfast sorted. banner_30Oct16_1

Ultimate Clean

I made Ultimate Clean because most people I have ever worked with have had some sort of complaint about their gut. Our Ultimate Clean Fibre is a great way to reboot your system as it contains two types of fibre which work together to give your intestines a good clean! The probiotics in the supplement help the good bacteria in your stomach and support healthy digestive functions. Try: Ultimate Clean with, coconut water, berries, cucumber and a pinch of cinnamon.

Berry Burn

I kept reading that these poor vulnerable girls were buying diet pills on the internet and it made me feel so sad and scared. We need to educate people that there are natural ways of feeling and looking your best. Berry Burn is packed full of energy boosting ingredients including acai, blueberry, goji berry and white tea extracts which contain powerful antioxidant properties that help metabolise fat, energise you and improve your workout potential. Please opt for this and never consider diet pills again. Try: Mix Berry Burn with coconut water and a handful of frozen berries. banner_30Oct16_2

Beauty Food

Chrissy and I swear that this has reduced our lines and wrinkles. Beauty Food is the most alkalising supplement out there because we worked endlessly to make something that actually worked. Not only is it filled with all the nutrient greens you need but we also included marine collagen peptides which improve skin tissue elasticity. This supplement is fantastic for nail and hair growth too. Whenever I am travelling I take this on flights as I know my skin will thank me for it. Try: Simply take this with 100ml of water and drink it like a wellness shot. If you’d rather a smoothie, mix with coconut water, cucumber, celery and apple too. banner_30Oct16_4


I have always struggled with sleep. This product has been my lifesaver. I used to crave something sweet before bed and Serenity has put that craving to bed (intentional pun). The magnesium helps your muscles relax and unwind and the camomile, hops and barley are there to calm and relax. I look forward to a cup of Serenity every night. Try: With almond butter, cinnamon, cacao and almond milk. In the winter, I heat the milk up and have a Clean and Lean hot chocolate! Now all you have to do is pick your favourite…

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