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Meet The Maker: GP Nutrition

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GP Nutrition know how hard it can be to fit in a well balanced-nutritionally rich diet into our busy lives. After running a successful London nutritional practise since 2011, founder Gabriela Peacock, wanted to offer people an alternative to having to squeeze in a visit to a nutritionist. GP Nutrition was created with versatility and practicality in mind with a range of 14 and 28-day set programmes for you to match to how you're feeling. We caught up with Gabriela to discuss the importance of looking after your health, fitting it into a busy lifestyle and how GP Nutrition can make a difference to you. You spent many years as a fashion model, what inspired the change to the nutrition industry? Working within fashion really inspired me to understand the importance of health and beauty from within. I therefore decided to start studying Nutrition in London and fell in love with the science behind it all. Is there anything you know now through your nutritional training, that you wish you knew when you were modelling? It’s hard to pinpoint just one piece of information but I think understanding the importance of a balanced overall diet and also protein and why it is so vital for our health, which is why I created the GP Nutrition Boost Me Box shakes to support this. banner_15Jan16_1 Why did you decide to create your own line of supplements? I love what I do as a Nutritionist and I was seeing clients who were time poor but understood the importance of taking care of themselves. This is what inspired me to create my company GP Nutrition and the range of supplement programs that were based on the most common issues I was experiencing in clinic; energy, weight management, immune support and skin issues. With so many nutritional programmes on the market, how did you set out to make GP Nutrition different? I think what makes GP Nutrition different is that it is very comprehensive, all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins you need are within each programme in the most bio- available forms of capsules and drinks. The programmes are also designed with convenience in mind, and can be taken on the go to support the busy modern lifestyle! The programmes include ‘free from’ ingredients, what isn’t included? All the programmes are dairy free, gluten free and soya free meaning that they are suitable for people with food allergies. The Boost Me protein powder is also vegan and sourced from hypo-allergenic brown rice powder which is unlike many other protein powders that source from animal sources. banner_15Jan16_3 Are your programmes suited for everybody? It is always important when taking nutritional supplements to consider advising your General Practitioner, especially if you are on medication. The only group of people who are advised to take only specialist supplements would be during pregnancy and breastfeeding, however you can still take Boost Me during this time. You can also contact the brand at any time to discuss the right programme for you or take the “Diagnose Me” test online to find which supplement would suit you. Can you complete more than one programme at a time? I would advise choosing the programme that suits you and your needs the most; Restore Me, Slim Me, Enhance Me or Clean Me. On completing the programme I would suggest you re-assess how you feel and if that’s still the right one for you. All the programmes are interchangeable so you can swap between them safely and effectively, Boost Me is a great addition to any of the programmes. What three tips would you give for balancing a busy lifestyle?
  • Preparation! Set aside time to prepare meals and snacks, it's not exactly the most exciting task but its so important to help you make the right choices with food.
  • Exercise, however busy you are it’s important to get some movement even just a brisk walk, it helps support the body and reduces stress.
  • Smoothies are a great way to add extra nutrients and fibre to the diet and a good quick breakfast!
banner_15Jan16_4Can you share with us your favourite recipe which includes your supplements? I love smoothies and you can include any of the sachets in smoothies as well as drinking them mixed with water. My favourite breakfast smoothie:
  • 1 banana
  • 1 handful frozen blueberries
  • 2 handfuls fresh spinach
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • almond or coconut milk to desired consistency
What’s next for you and GP Nutrition? I am excited for GP Nutrition to grow as a brand, to develop more awareness about the importance of nutrition and for more people to be helped by the supplement programmes! We would love to in the future develop more programmes and to go international!

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