What is Oil Pulling?

What is Oil Pulling?
Since we are old enough to hold a toothbrush, we are made aware of the importance of brushing our teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste. However, if we go back some 3000 years, there was an alternative method to keeping your breath fresh and your teeth pearly white and this method is called oil pulling. Used in Ayurvedic Medicine and otherwise known as 'kavala' or 'gundusha', oil pulling is a form of oral detoxification which is simply done by swishing oil in your mouth for a number of minutes. Ayurvedic tradition advises that oil gargling can purify our entire systems as it states that each section of the tongue is connected to different organs such as the kidneys, lungs, liver, heart, stomach and colon. It is this Ayurvedic belief that highlights how oil pulling has a positive affect on the entire body, not just beneficial for our oral health. banner_18Jan17_7

What are the benefits?

Oil pulling works by detoxifying, or cleaning, the oral cavities in your mouth. It draws out the toxins and creates a clean, antiseptic oral environment. This incredibly effective procedure has been used for centuries to remedy many ailments including:
  • Curing tooth decay
  • Killing bad breath
  • Healing bleeding gums
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Preventing cavities
  • Healing cracked lips
  • Boosting our immune system
  • Strengthening gums and jaw

Which oil can you use?

The traditional Ayurvedic method is to use sesame oil and this is predominantly used in India as it is already a staple ingredient. However, as it has been picked up more in western culture many people will gravitate towards using coconut oil. Not only does it work very well and it tastes great, coconut oil has been shown to balance hormones, improve energy, balance blood sugar and moisturise the skin. As coconut oil is highly absorbent, you could experience these benefits just by oil pulling too. Your other alternative is sunflower oil, along with sesame, but these do not have the same anti-microbial benefits as coconut due to its lauric acid content. banner_18Jan17_8

How do you oil pull?

The technique is very simple, but it may take some practice to build up to the recommended 20 minutes a day. The longer you learn to pull the more bacteria you will remove, however please note this is not to replace a normal dental routine!
  • Make sure you oil pull first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, before brushing your teeth.
  • Use either 1 teaspoon of coconut oil or one sachet of CocoBaci (flavour of your choice) into your mouth and gently swish between your teeth and around your mouth for 10-20 minutes making sure you don't swallow any of the oil. (If you're trying for the first time, try 5 minutes to start with or you may find your jaw starts to ache).
  • Spit out the oil into the bin - do not spit down the sink as the oil can block the pipes!
  • Immediately rinse your mouth out with warm water after spitting.
  • Finish by brushing your teeth as normal!
It's as simple as that! You should aim to oil pull every 3 to 4 days with coconut oil or challenge yourself to a 15 day programme from CocoBaci who have three flavours, lemon sparkle, cool mint and raspberry kisses.

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