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Every ingredient in the cosmetics industry has a story behind how it was discovered, at some point all of the ingredients we have come to love and single out when looking for our latest beauty buy were once unknown. So imagine what it is like when you have a light bulb moment and realise the ingredient you are using and benefiting from has not already been utilised elsewhere! This is what happened to Oskiafounder Georgie Cleeve, who was the first to introduce the ingredient MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane) into luxury skincare. After extensive research, Oskia was born with the star ingredients, MSM, being harnessed in its range for its skin healing benefits. We wanted to know more about this ingredient so put some questions to Georgie to learn more! What is MSM and how did you discover its benefits? MSM is a natural form of organic Sulphur that I accidentally discovered when I was younger. During my teens, I suffered from severe knee cartilage damage due to a skiing accident. After four failed operations I was persuaded by my father to try his new joint supplement, MSM, which he introduced into Europe to repair the damaged joints of race horses. I saw a phenomenal response to MSM, and having been told I wouldn’t be able to ski or run again, I’ve gone on to compete in triathlons and even spent several seasons as a ski instructor. After witnessing the effect it had on the horses, I expected that I would see a response in my own knees, but what was less expected was the effect MSM had on my skin. At the time, I had a combination of acne and eczema which completely cleared and for the first time in many years my complexion became healthy. banner_28Sep16_5 What is MSM traditionally used for? Traditionally it was introduced as a joint supplement for the equine market. Eventually, it made its way to the human joint health market after horse owners saw the amazing effects it had on the horse’s knees. What benefits does MSM have for the skin? With regards to skin health, MSM boosts the production of collagen, which is the main protein in cartilage, as well as the protein that gives skin its strength and elasticity. It’s also known for its anti-inflammatory, brightening and detoxifying properties. It feeds the skin from the inside to strengthen the skin’s support matrix to reduce the signs of premature ageing and helps maintain a healthy, youthful and even complexion. banner_28Sep16_6 Oskia was the first brand to utilise MSM in a premium skincare range, why do you think this was? I think it’s because I grew up with the mineral and witnessed its amazing benefits first-hand. We noticed that no brands were harnessing this amazing mineral when it came to skincare so we decided to do it ourselves! What other key nutrients are in Oskia products? We use a whole host of nutrients so it’s difficult to narrow it down. That said, I’m personally a big fan of Swiss Garden Cress Liposomes – derived from humble cress, this liposomal preparation is rich in Sulforaphane, a powerful antioxidant that inhibits the hormone a-MSH to brighten and even skin tone. We use it in quite a few of our products, most recently our Renaissance BrightLight Serum where it works alongside other ingredients such as Glutathione, Papaya & Pumpkin Enzymes, Arbutin and Nanobright to deliver amazing anti-pigmentation results.

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