WelleCo - Start your personal wellness journey

WelleCo. Start your personal wellness journey.

Established in 2014 by Elle Macpherson, WelleCo was founded as a result of Elle’s own personal wellness journey, where she discovered she was able to take her health and wellbeing into her own hands with premium formulas that delivered effective solutions to her concerns.

WelleCo is about providing that same opportunity for others, with a belief that premium, plant-derived products can deliver complex benefits through a simple daily routine.

The Products

Seven years ago, after discovering she was nutrient-deprived, sugar-addicted and sleep-deprived, Elle Macpherson consulted with Dr Simoné Laubscher PhD who created a custom-mixed super greens formula that would become the foundation for the brand’s hero product The Super Elixir Daily Greens.

The Super Elixir Daily Greens

A daily health supplement formulated using a powerful blend of wholefoods, vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Supports the immune system, overall gut health, energy levels and the appearance of skin and hair. Available in Pineapple & Lime or Lemon & Ginger.

Nourishing Plant Protein

Formulated to support muscle recovery and energy levels, this plant-based supplement is gluten-free and made from non-GMO ingredients. Infused with pre and probiotics, it provides a truly comprehensive solution. Available in both Chocolate and Vanilla flavour.

The Super Boosters

“In our fast-paced lives, we often don’t get all of the nutrients our bodies need and we therefore require extra support. The Super Booster range is designed for targeted support to help you personalise your wellness journey.”
- Elle Macpherson, Founder.

Exclusive in the UK to Naturisimo

This powerful lineup will help to combat everyday stressors and support areas of our lifestyle that need it most.

The Ingredients

WelleCo handpick farms all over the world to ensure their ingredients are ethically sourced and sustainably harvested from their native origin whilst ensuring the nutrient profile is preserved and pesticide-free.

WelleCo has a stringent testing regime that includes testing the botanical profile, active components, microbiology, heavy metals, allergens and ensuring products are contaminant-free.

The brand also has sustainability programs in place to support both the environment and the local communities of ingredient farms. These programs focus on soil quality, ecosystem balance, responsible collection methods, workers rights and the reduction of emissions and waste.

WelleCo’s aim is to empower people to own their own wellness journey - naturally.

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