The Naturalistas... They're all about Health & Happiness

The Naturalistas...  They're all about Health & Happiness
There has never been a more exciting time to embrace a more natural way of living. Organic foods, clean cosmetics and healthy options are more available now than ever before. And whether you’re concerned with your own health and wellbeing, your kids, your community or the greater environment around you, most agree that, to some extent, what we do and buy every day needs to change. In this whirlwind digital age where stress and anxiety levels are permanently on the rise, industrial chemicals fill our cosmetics and foods are made from unreadable ingredients, most of us know our modern lifestyle and consumerism are harming both us and our environment. If you believe that the way to thrive is living more naturally, in harmony with the planet, eating natural foods and respecting and nourishing your body and soul in every way you can, you are a Naturalista. But being a Naturalista doesn't stop there, we know that every green beauty is different, so what kind of Naturalista are you? The Ingredient Detectives Do you ruthlessly dissect an ingredient list and know your parabens from your phthalates? Then you are our Ingredient Detectives! An unknown ingredient does not get past you, and you will not think twice about checking out that unpronounceable addition to your face cream. You strongly believe that if you wouldn't eat something you cannot pronounce, so why put it on your skin? banner_220416_1 So, you want to be an Ingredient Detective, where do you start? Here are your absolute nasties to be aware of and their sneaky alter-egos, all of which are strictly not welcome at Naturisimo: Parabens (Butyl, Ethyl, Isobutyl, Isopropyl, Methyl, Propyl Parabens) - found in the vast majority of cosmetics to prolong the shelf life of the product, there is nothing beautiful about this ingredient. It is linked to a number of serious medical conditions, most notably forms of cancer and hormone problems. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) - the chemical that makes your bubble bath all bubbly, and your face wash foamy, to name just a couple of places it likes to make an appearance. This chemical is very cheap to use, therefore it can be found almost everywhere. Why should you be avoiding something which makes harmless bubbles? It is a known skin irritant, if your eyes are irritated easily, your skin is dry or your scalp is itchy then SLS is probably the culprit! Mineral Oil / Petroleum - Petroleum in skin products? Do we need to say more...? Mineral Oil in cosmetics is considered “comedogenic,” which means it can clog your pores and increase the risk of acne and blackheads, the absolute opposite purpose of a good skincare routine! It simply sits on your skin stopping moisture from escaping; there are absolutely no benefits from putting this on your skin. It's a cheap ingredient, and you should avoid, avoid, avoid. Phthalates (DBP / DMP / DEP) - These, again, can worryingly be found everywhere, from cosmetics to house hold cleaners and food packaging, the chemical is used as a binder. In the beauty world they can be found in nail varnishes, hair sprays, and perfumes. In fact almost anything fragranced may contain this unwelcome ingredient. Why are they bad? Phthalates are thought to mimic and displace hormones and interrupt their production as well as being linked to a number of health concerns. These ingredients are just a small number of things to look out for, for a full list of ingredients which are not welcome at Naturisimo, you can check our our product selection policy. The wonderful world of natural beauty continues to grow and prove that quality, effective cosmetics can be created without the use of the nasty chemicals or ingredient lists as long as your arm, just take a look at Mallow + White or Skin & Tonic who are doing a great job! The Granola Girls Do you enjoy nothing more than spending times in the great outdoors, and would rather wear flowers in your hair then pearls around your neck? You're down to earth, earth conscious and one with nature; you are our Granola Girls. Beauty may not be on the top of your priority lists when you’re pulling on your running shoes or hiking boots, but you will always have a smoothie in hand! When you do you shop beauty, vegan is your top priority and you love to share your passion for all things living and healthy with your fellow Granola girls and vegan community. Vegan beauty is a hot topic right now, and one we strongly believe could be the future of cosmetics, so you girls are most certainly on to something! Vegan beauty is easily accessible right now and brands such as Inika, Alima Pure, Beauty Without Cruelty and Pacifica are flying the flag for vegan beauty. You live a truly healthy lifestyle. You know the benefits of looking after your body from the inside out and you have never pronounced quinoa incorrectly ("qee-no-ahh"). You're the kale queen; swear by chia seeds and a green smoothie bowl perfectionist. Super foods are plentiful in your home. banner_220416_2 Fancy introducing super foods to your diet? Go green - Try Aduna Moringa Superleaf powder for a high source of protein and vitamins and minerals to strengthen your immune system, restore pH balance or go green to help facilitate gut health with Chris James Mind Body Gorgeous Greens. The Fruity Options - Aduna Baobab Superleaf Powder has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any fruit in the world, is 100% natural and packed with vitamin C, calcium, potassium and thiamin or you can boost your energy levels with Fushi Acai Powder. Raw Protein - SunWarriors blends of raw protein powder gives your body everything it needs from protein, and nothing it doesn't. Try SunWarrior Warrior Blend Chocolate to amplify your fitness and health levels, with a delicious chocolaty taste. Flower Power - Fushi Organic Wild Flower Pollen is a highly concentrated source of essential elements and the most complete food in nature. It contains all water-soluble vitamins, especially high in B and C, 22 amino acids and 27 minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and iron. The Eco Warriors The demand for eco-friendly beauty and responsible products has never been so high. If you are embracing a greener lifestyle, want to protect the environment and live a sustainable life, then you are our Eco Warriors. Excess packaging and the huge amount of waste humans product daily is very much something you aware of. You are strictly against animal testing, as this day in age there really is no need for cosmetics to be tested on animals and avoid anything which may be harmful to the environment, such as the use of palm oil in cosmetics or potentially harmful additions such as microbeads. These tiny pieces of plastic which are non-biodegradable can be found in personal care items such as skin exfoliates, body washes and toothpastes. They make their way into our rivers and streams harming the animals and insects which live there. Recycling is vital in your household, and not a single packing peanut avoids the compost pile in your back garden. You choose this way of life because you know the way we are living is not sustainable and want to leave a positive legacy for future generations. banner_220416_3 Have you spotted yourself here? Which Naturalista tribe do you belong to? We'd love to hear on Twitter @Naturisimo_UK.
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