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For today's Meet the Maker interview we're chatting to the founder of Agent Nateur, Jena Covello to discuss her commitment to remain ahead of the game in the realm of skincare & her deep passion for sourcing the highest grade of luxurious high performing, natural & organic ingredients. What was your inspiration for creating the brand? Why do you think it's so important to make the switch to natural deodorant? Endometriosis and an obsession with anti-aging skincare lead me to create Agent Nateur. I couldn’t find a natural deodorant to work for me, so I began making my own. Conventional antiperspirants are made of aluminum, which is a toxic heavy metal and endocrine disruptor. Aluminum can contribute to making bad estrogen in the body which is why it’s so important to steer clear of it. It’s a big step to say that antiperspirant causes breast cancer, but it can lead to breast cancer because of its effect on the hormones. How did you come up with Agent Nateur as a brand name? I came up with the name in a matter of seconds! I’d call myself the Agent of holistic health - always giving my friends tips on how to heal themselves naturally. I added the word Nateur to give it a beautiful, sexy French feeling and also to incorporate nature into the brand. You source a lot of your ingredients in France, why is this? Because the ingredients in the US are filled with GMO’s, glysophate (Monsanto’s herbicide) and pesticides. For example, it’s nearly impossible to find non-GMO vitamin c anywhere except for Europe. The quality of the ingredients are better and I trust the small suppliers that I work with. I formulate mostly everything in Paris, so it’s also easier for me to buy raw ingredients in France and test them on both me and my friends while I’m in Paris. What do you think makes your products different to other natural & organic products on the market? Agent Nateur is equally effective as it is natural and beautiful. I use the highest quality of ingredients and I don’t cut my products with cheap fillers. Each formula is very pure. What can we expect to see from Agent Nateurin coming years? A lot! I’m working on at least 25 new products and we are also focusing on sharing all of our health tips on our new blog that we will be launching soon.

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