Meet The Maker: Inlight

Meet The Maker: Inlight
With over thirty years of meticulous research, hard work and commitment, Inlight’s range of artisan, luxury and 100% organic skincare is not only truly beneficial for our skin, but it brings us as close to nature as possible. Inlight was created through an enduring friendship and professional interest between the Centre for Homeopathic Medicine in Naples and medical doctor & homeopath Dr Mariano Spiezia where they combined unique methods to complement natural & holistic therapies with a range suitable for all skin types. We’ve delved a little deeper with Dr Spiezia to get to the heart of why Inlight products deliver such exceptional results.
portrait_28Apr16_1 Dr Mariano Spiezia
The ingredients in your products are as pure as can be, was it difficult to create a purely plant based range? Beauty is the highest expression of Nature around us and within us and, as a doctor, I chose to use the best organic botanical ingredients to manifest beauty in my customers, without forgetting our health and the future of our wonderful Planet. It was not easy to find all I needed because sometimes the organic market can be limited, but I did it! And so Inlight was born, using only 100% organic ingredients and nothing else. Plants and flowers are powerful ingredients and when carefully selected for their synergy, they work so effectively together, bringing to the skin all their beneficial properties. I invite you to experience our dual-action Face Cleanser as the starting point for a healthy, radiant and beautiful skin. The heart of Inlight products lies in the 'Bio-lipophilic Matrix®', a method unique to Inlight, can you tell us about this? In studying the chemistry and physiology of the skin for years, I tried to find a special combination of the purest organic cold pressed oils with highest affinity to the skin sebum. The reason is that when the body recognises something as a “friend” (affinity), it does not resist it, but rather permits its action, allowing better penetration of bio-actives into the skin. I have called this unique combination of activated oils the “Bio-Lipophilic Matrix®”. It is the bespoke blend of botanical extracts we produce in-house and the result of a specific method I have devised where the oils are activated and energised to empower and encode them. You use ancient alchemy to heighten the oil’s vital force. What does this mean and how is it applied to the products? The present is the result of the past… With modern Quantum Physics and its interpretation of Life, it is more and more evident that we influence the world around us. Life is One and vibrational frequencies, electromagnetic waves, even our intentions can all influence physical matter. With this in mind and after many years of observing Nature and doing my personal research, I decided to use specific techniques including sounds, colours, specific devices etc. to empower the oils and encode them. The reason? Our Planet is suffering because of pollution and lack of care and awareness, and the vital force of many ingredients, even those we call natural, is declining. Through my techniques I am trying to give back what has been lost and even more. This will benefit the final products - InLight = Light within - and the skin will receive an ancient and powerful message drawing it from the Beauty Archetype. You marry together beautiful hand crafted skincare with modern scientific expertise, how is this achieved and is it difficult to accomplish? My vision has been always, since my youth, to link the best from the past with a “modern” vision. If we are open-minded this it is possible. And my passion for people, health, nature and beauty has helped me overcome all the obstacles along the way, driving me to make many of my choices and to create a well-loved range of skincare products that bring beauty to life. And it is still driving me… Dr Mariano Spiezia Go for 100% organic and natural with the full range here: Inlight
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