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Are you a total gym bunny and someone who lives for a sweaty workout class in the evening? Yes? Great work! Looking after yourself on the outside is vital for a comfortable existence, but do you balance your workouts with a healthy, nutritionally rich diet too? Living a healthy lifestyle will never just be either diet or physical activity; you have to find a balance between the two to sustain a happy, healthy lifestyle. If you're an avid gym goer or budding athlete, then you will need to fuel your body with the correct nutrition to increase your physical potential. People who work out are likely to be missing essential minerals and vitamins from their body due to the stress levels they put on themselves and their bodieos, the amount they sweat and the energy they burn up on a regular basis. Overexerting yourself means you need to keep an even closer eye on the nutrients you are consuming, this will help your body recover from exercise, maintain healthy muscle growth and leave you feeling energised, instead of exhausted. It would take multiple hours of food planning and prep every day to get every single nutrient your body needs to keep yourself at the peak of physical fitness. Taking nutritional supplements such as the ones formulated by KIKI Health can help you take your fitness to the next level. We've teamed up with whole food nutritional experts to see how their products can help support your health and improve your fitness. banner_01Mar17_8 Hemp Protein Powder Much like soy and other beans, hemp seed is an excellent source of protein because it contains all 21 known amino acids. Hemp protein not only includes your essential amino acids but it also has considerable amounts of fibre and will aid in improving brain function due to the high levels of Omega-3. The use of hemp powder by atheletes or those regularly exercising is fairly common as it helps build muscle mass and strength, and as it's a plant-based protein, it's safe to use. The protein powder can also contribute to improving muscle control, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, maintain bone health, regulate your metabolism as well as promote healthy digestion and weight loss. The KIKI Health Organic Hemp Protein Powder is 46% plant-based and is rich in protein, vitamin E, Omega-3, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese. All you have to do is add two tablespoons or 30g of powder into your daily routine to start feeling these benefits. MSM Powder As a nutritional form of sulphur, MSM is an essential component in the formation of collagen, elastin, cartilage, and keratin. Sulphur is one of the core elements of life and the fourth most abundant mineral in the body. It is vital for regeneration of body tissue, cell function and our bodies’ hormones, enzymes, antibodies and antioxidants all depend on it. If you are training regularly and giving your joints a good workout, then MSM is going to ensure they are in the best condition possible. Along with keeping your joints in good shape, it can improve your flexibility, accelerate healing, act as an anti-inflammatory, naturally increase your energy levels and oxygen intake more efficiently, all of which help build strength and stamina during a workout. Take the KIKI Health MSM Powder twice daily by mixing 1/2 teaspoon in a glass of water or juice. It's not one of the best tasting nutritional powders out there, with a bitter but clean taste. However, the taste disappears fairly quickly, and it doesn't linger or repeat on you. You can build up the amount you take gradually, but remember results are, as always with supplements, individual to the person using them. banner_01Mar17_4 Pea Protein Powder Pea protein is an excellent source of protein for anyone looking to up their intake, but especially vegetarians or vegans, or anyone else abstaining from foods which contain high levels of protein like meat. The KIKI Health Organic Pea Protein Powder is an 82% plant-based and an NON-GMO vegetable rich protein, meaning there is a low-fat content and it's free from any animal products and genetically modified materials. Pea protein is naturally free from gluten and wheat and provides an array of benefits for health and fitness purposes. It's especially beneficial to aid in muscle recovery after a workout while also supporting mental focus and clarity, managing a healthy weight, promoting an alkaline environment and contributing to the maintenance of normal bone function. It contains a high level of branched amino acids (BCAAs) that can keep your body in a muscle building state throughout the day, keeping you feeling fuller for longer, energising your workouts and giving your body what it needs to keep active and healthy. Maca Powder Maca powder is very often used to help boost energy, and when it comes to fitness, this is going to be your best friend. KIKI Health Maca Powder combines four different maca roots, including red, yellow, purple and black, encompassing all of the benefits maca can offer in one, offering you a unique nutritional profile. Maca powder has a distinct caramel/ butterscotch flavour with a slightly malt-like taste, so it's easier to swallow when added to yoghurt, cereals, smoothies, or desserts. By adding maca to your diet while training, you can help increase your muscle growth and muscle function, increase your stamina and endurance, reduce the feeling of fatigue, support your heart's health and reveal an overall more luminous and healthy body. banner_01Mar17_7 Magnesium After all this exercising, you may be looking for something which will help with the aches and pains which come from a successful workout. The KIKI Health Magnesium Oil Spray or the 'beautiful mineral' is a saturated solution of magnesium chloride that is applied straight onto the skin to relieve pains and spasms. You can use it on any part of your body to calm over-active nerves, help proper muscle function, hydrate and strengthen your skin, boost your energy levels or regulate the metabolism of nutrients such as protein, nucleic acids, fats and carbohydrates. Having sufficient magnesium levels can mean the difference between feeling energised after a workout or being completely wiped out. Magnesium is vital for fuelling above-average exertion, but when you exert yourself more, you use more of your supply, so topping up your magnesium levels is even more important for those who are active. Boost your athletic performance with the KIKI Health Magnesium Oil Spray which contains purified water and Genuine Zechstein Inside® magnesium chloride (31% magnesium chloride) and other naturally occurring trace minerals. Ten sprays of their magnesium oil will equate to a dosage of 309mg of pure magnesium, which is 82% of your daily recommended intake.

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