Why Eucalyptus is a Cleansing Essential

Why Eucalyptus is a Cleansing Essential
The team at Aurelia Probiotic Skincare are here to tell us why we should be using a Eucalyptus-based cleanser as part of our daily routine. For centuries eucalyptus oil has been used in many guises and forms to aid with a wide variety of skincare and health concerns. Eucalyptus is a tree native to Australia and has been associated with native medicinal techniques including fighting infection and helping to heal cuts and sores. In order to extract the pure essential oil, the leaves of the eucalyptus tree are steam-distilled using traditional methods. Historically the oil and leaf extract of eucalyptus has been used as a skin conditioning agent to help soften and smooth and has antimicrobial properties to keep skin clean and fresh. One of the more traditional uses for eucalyptus is as a treatment for colds and congestion. A vapour rub can be made from the oil to massage on to the chest or used in hot water to create steam. The essential oil is often used as a natural fragrance or as part of a blend in skin or body care and can be dripped into a warm bath for an aromatic experience.

Eucalyptus in Cleansing

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare’s cult cleansing favourite, the award-winning Miracle Cleanser, contains an essential oil blend of eucalyptus, chamomile, bergamot and rosemary and is not only loved for its fantastic results but for this uplifting, spa-like blend. The eucalyptus element gives a freshness to the cleanser, which smells clean and fragrant upon every application. Not only does the fragrance of eucalyptus delight the Miracle Cleanser’s users, it also helps to clean skin effectively, and with antimicrobial benefits, is great for clearing and decongesting acne-prone skin. All skin types can benefit from using a eucalyptus-based cleanser however as the skin-conditioning capabilities are perfect for keeping skin supple and balanced, while the Miracle Cleanser's other ingredients help to cleanse while keeping skin nourished.

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