Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With These 6 Eco-Friendly Brands

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With These 6 Eco-Friendly Brands
Every day is Earth Day at Naturisimo, but on this special day, we are reminded to further channel our energy into sustainable eco-friendly practices that we should implement, in our personal lives as well as in our business ventures. We have chosen 6 of our favourite brands who are lifting the lid on manufacturing processes & the sourcing of ingredients that don't cost the earth!


"People, plants and the planet are at the heart of everything we do. We create circles of benevolence where sustainable organic growing helps the communities and their environments, which in turn produces teas and supplements that help everyone lead healthier happier lives. It’s why we are 100% organically certified, we donate 1% of all our sales directly to environmental projects through 1% for the Planet and a founding B Corp member in the UK."


"At Fushi, we are proud of our organic, earth-friendly and sustainably sourced products which deliver quality and wellbeing to our customers whilst also helping support our farmers and growers in developing countries. Our ethos is to hand-blend the purest, freshly pressed oils and fresh ground herbs in our London workshop, sourcing all our ingredients from this season’s harvest, meaning everything we make is less than three months old. Earth Day 2018 is focusing on ending plastics pollution so we are proud to say that the packaging we use is recyclable, with paper adhesive tape and outer boxes which we shred and use to pack our orders. Our in-house printing uses vegetable inks and glass bottles protect our oils and supplements from the light, helping retain freshness and efficacy. And we are delighted to learn that we have retained our Ethical Award accreditation again this year, confirming our passion for putting customer experience, eco-provenance and our supplier relationships at the heart of the Fushi brand."


"We are committed to making the highest quality organic and natural products whilst respecting the environment. Our core beliefs are to be transparent & fair in everything we do whilst helping everyone live a little better in their everyday lives. Packaged in bottles made from about 40% recycled (and recyclable!) glass, our nourishing, yet light Miracle Facial oil contains natural retinol from Organic Rosehip and antioxidants from Organic Argan Oil to regenerate and revitalise mature and dry skin. Organic Blackseed Oil nourishes and reduces any signs of irritation. Delicately fragranced with revitalising Organic Rose Otto and soothing Organic Vanilla.Argan Oil is a very interesting and sustainable oil, it literally permeates the lives of millions of Moroccan Berbers; the Argan cooperatives where they oil is produced are entirely run by women who earn a fair wage and become literate thanks to the Argan Oil business."


"All of our products are EcoCert certified organic and use only 100% natural active ingredients as well as being sustainably sourced and biodegradable. Packaged in a recyclable PET bottle, our Clarity Cleanser foaming wash is perfect for oily to combination skin to thoroughly cleanse the skin and remove light make-up. Papaya enzymes from Organic rainforest fruits gently smooth and purify the skin. Alpine Epilobium Fleisher extract has shown to have sego-regulating properties and help decrease the appearance of pores size and improve overall skin condition."


"Bouclème cares passionately about curly hair and the planet we inhabit. All of Bouclème’s packaging can be recycled and product ingredients are bio-degradable, making it safe for the environment and your body. We believe in the power of nature and are committed to seeking out naturally derived ingredients proven to deliver great results. All of our products are tested on real curls, never on animals."


"Things we consider in the choices we make are: The shape of the packaged product, the way we print the packaging to minimize the use of any non-recyclable products. We have avoided the use of foil print which challenges recycling; we also consider the need for any dying and varnishing of card and paper. We minimise outer packaging and wasted over-packaging, where possible using boxes that can be re-purposed or recycled, and we reuse all bubble wrap and outer boxes where at all possible. We measure intelligently the shape and sizing of our products to maximize pallet space. We consider and understand the materials used in all of our products and whether these can be made from PCR plastic (post-consumer recycled) or already recycled paper as well as utilizing shredded paper that is already recycled. Whilst a touch of glamour matters, we are careful about ensuring products arrive safely with the customer but at the same time haven’t been extensively over packaged and wrapped leading to additional unnecessary waste. We import what makes sense and source locally where viable. We store cleverly not wasting trans-shipments of goods and by making quality outer boxes for empty packaging and carefully applying tape (or not taping) to close the boxes we are able to reuse these boxes for finished goods, allowing a longer-term saving on making another heavier weight outer for all our finished products."

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