Why you should choose vegan skincare

Why you should choose vegan skincare

At Nourish London, we are proud to be supporting Veganuary, an initiative which inspires and supports people to try vegan this January, whether it concerns their diet or they wish to adopt a complete vegan lifestyle. Here we are celebrating PURE PLANT POWER and the reasons why you should choose plant-based skincare.

Vegan skincare 101: what does it mean & why choose it?

Choosing Vegan means not only an uncompromising approach to skincare but also a commitment to boost your health for the year ahead. Our mission is to provide premium quality skincare with real, bio-available nourishment, just like your daily greens but for the skin! Plant-derived ingredients are a beacon of naturally occurring antioxidants and vitamins. All Nourish London skincare is 100% Vegan Society and Cruelty-Free International certified.

Did you know? Our skin absorbs up to 60% of the products that we apply to it and the products absorbed by the skin go straight into the bloodstream. So, why not clean up your skincare regime this Veganuary? Vegan skincare is produced without harm to animals and it does not contain any animal ingredients, animal by-products or animal derived.

Ingredients: which ones to watch out for & what are the vegan alternatives?

Some ingredients commonly found in skincare can be animal-derived. Here are some ingredients to watch out for when choosing skincare and the vegan alternatives that are just as effective:

  • Lanolin–Grease from sheep’s wool, extracted to be used as a wax in products such as face or lip balms.
    • Alternatives: Nut butters such as Shea butter, cocoa butter, and plant-based waxes such as Jojoba wax.
  • Beeswax or Cera Alba–The wax produced by honey bees, is often used in face and multi-task balms.
    • Alternatives: Candilila wax, carnuba wax or argan butter.
  • Glycerin–Frequently used in cleansers and soaps, it can come from animal fat.
    • Alternatives: Plant-based glycerin, derived from vegetable sources, ideally organic.
  • Soap bases –Composed of fatty acids, glycerin, and other natural ingredients, soap bases can use animal fats, animal-derived glycerin, or other non-vegan ingredients such as Goat’s Milk.
    • Alternatives: Vegetable derived soap bases, with plant-based ingredients.

Dr. Pauline Hili, renowned organic skincare expert and founder of Nourish London, also recommends to always check your perfume is not containing any animal-derived fragrances such as Musk and Civet.

Why it doesn’t mean compromising on performance?

Dr. Pauline Hili explains the benefits of adopting a vegan skincare regime: “There are plenty of reasons why lots of us are choosing to go vegan, for some it is a love of animals but increasingly we are seeing a desire to reduce your environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable world. The benefit for the skin is one of the key drivers behind the increasing popularity of Vegan skincare products. The range of nutrient-rich vegan ingredients to draw on is extensive and delivers all the essential omegas and vitamins necessary to power the skin’s primary processes.

Superior moisturisation can be achieved with powerful oils such as Argan, Pumpkin, Macadamia or Borage oils. These provide Omega 6, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy barrier function, and omega 3 which helps to protect from the damaging effects of UV. Vitamin-rich ingredients such as citrus oils and Kale boost skin function when applied topically. Vitamin Cis vital for the production of healthy collagenand B vitamins are important for regulating sebum and protecting the skin from breakouts. Increasingly important is pollution protection and this can be achieved with the remarkable enzyme system and vitamin complex from Kale and Griffonia.

If you believe that using vegan products might limit the efficacy of skincare, particularly in achieving benefits such as reducing fine lines and wrinkles, think again, as the supercharged anti-ageing ingredients like Hyaluronic acid and Peptides that we use at Nourish London are all derived from plants. So whatever your reason for choosing to go vegan, you do not have to compromise on the performance of your products, in fact you will be simply enjoying the powerful benefits of nature whilst helping to protect it.”

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