Why Is Organic Beauty Better For You?

Why Is Organic Beauty Better For You?
The term 'organic' has been around for a long time and one that we are greeted by every time we do things such as food shopping or walking down the beauty aisle in a store. The actual meaning can be quite a tricky one to explain, especially if you just spot it on a label. So, what does organic mean? The simple way of thinking about it is that something 'organic' is related to or derived from a living matter (such as organic soils) and something which is produced without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides or other artificial chemicals. The month of September has been dubbed 'Organic September' by the Soil Association, and during this time they encourage everyone to add something a little more organic into their lives. Whether this means adding an extra organic food item to your shopping basket or switching over something in your makeup bag to a soil associated certified makeup item, this is up to you, but every little helps. During Organic September, from the 19th-25th this year, the spotlight is on organic beauty and in celebration of this, we have been looking into why choosing organic beauty may just be better for you! banner_18Sep16_4

Why choose organic beauty?

If you are in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner way of living, then choosing organic beauty must be a priority in your life. By choosing organic, you are actively eliminating the number of chemicals and pesticides you are exposing yourself too. The sad fact is, many beauty products you find up and down the high street are made with cheap ingredients which are easy to market and manufacture. Organic products, on the other hand, contain ingredients which are naturally derived, along with naturally occurring ingredients, grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, GMO and synthetic fertilisers. The foreign substances found in non-natural/organic products can often be harmful to your skin and are in no way nurturing, rejuvenating or healing. We only have one body, so why not look after it and choose organic. Choosing organic beauty is not only better for you and your body, but it's also better for the environment too. When you choose organic, you know you are also helping to minimise the environmental impact too. A big concern with products which are full of chemicals, or ingredients are grown with synthetic chemicals, are where do they go once they are washed down the drain? What do those chemicals then do to the water supply or our ecosystems? Companies who create organic products are already helping to take a step towards ending this by not putting the chemicals in the bottle in the first place!

How can I tell if a product contains organic ingredients?

Unlike food, organic beauty, unfortunately, has no regulations or legal standards. This means that any brand or company can use the words 'natural' or 'organic' on their product and claim that it contains natural and organic ingredients, but this is not always true! Without official certification, companies can get away with greenwashing their away across the beauty industry. The Soil Association teamed up with four other European partners as a result of the growing demand for organic beauty across Europe. They have joined forces with BDIH, Cosmebio, Ecocert and ICEA to develop a cosmetic standard known as COSMOS. So, now when you see the Soil Association symbol you should also see the COSMOS sign too. Their aim is to unify all organic standards, so they are the same no matter which country you are buying your products in. To be able to obtain COSMOS organic certification, if the product is based on oils and extracts then at least 95% of the ingredients must be organic. On our website, you can check the certification of a product by clicking on the 'more info tab' where you will see any relevant certifications, such as UK Soil Association here on the Pinks Boutique Deep Cleansing Melt. You will also find the percentage of organic ingredients listed in this tab too, under the 'formula' section, simple! So, don't forget to look for the logo!


What our brands say about choosing organic

Pai Skincare believes that great products start with great ingredients and they want organic ingredients where possible as it's the best choice for the environment and our health:
"The World Health Organisation estimates 2 million cases of severe poisoning from pesticides per year, with non-organic farmers routinely coming into contact with over 300 pesticides. Certified organic ingredients must be grown without the use of pesticides and solvents, meaning safer working conditions for farmers. The more natural approach to organic farming also encourages diverse ecosystems, allowing wildlife to flourish naturally with significantly more birds, plant species and pollinators (bees and butterflies) than non-organic farming. We also believe organic ingredients are the very best choice for sensitive skin. Synthetics, harsh preservatives, detergents, artificial fragrance and even contamination from pesticides and solvents are all big no-no’s for sensitive skin and the majority are not permitted under Soil Association certification."
Inlight were the first UK brand to receive COSMOS certification in 2014 and today use 100% organic ingredients in all of their products. Founder Dr Mario Spiezia explains why he chooses organic: "The organic way is the only one that protects both our Planet and the creatures who live on it. The organic way was, at least in the beginning, a philosophy more than a business, and to me, this was the right approach because it had a larger picture including ethical choices, animal welfare, peace and social implications. When I started researching ingredients for my skin care range back in 1999, I knew I had to have the finest and 100% organic ingredients which needed to be certified organic both to guarantee the optimum quality and the integrity of my business."

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