Why Double Cleanse?

Why Double Cleanse

Whether you’re a beauty guru, or someone who prefers a more simple, low-maintenance routine, the likelihood is that your skin can really benefit from the power of the double cleanse. It’s the sworn-by power partnership of many skincare routines and there’s good reason for it. Do you suffer from breakouts? Dull-looking skin? Double cleansing may just be the answer...

But why is it so important? And what cleansers work best for this technique?

• Cleansing is probably the most important step in your routine so make sure you do it properly. Your skin will thank you.
• Think of what you put onto your skin everyday - moisturiser, SPF, makeup etc. Then think of all the pollution, dirt, grime and sweat that builds up throughout an average day...one cleanse is simply not enough to thoroughly remove all this buildup.
• Without a thorough cleanse, what you put onto your skin afterwards is almost pointless. If you still have a layer of dirt and grime on your face, all those lovely serums and moisturisers won’t get a chance to work their magic.
• Professional facialists always cleanse twice. Trust the experts!
• It doesn’t have to be a chore. Taking time out for yourself and really paying attention to your skin while you cleanse can be a really soothing experience. You might say it’s actually an act of self-love..

How do I do it?

First Cleanse

For your first cleanse, the focus is on removing makeup and/or buildup. This is where you should use your micellar water (if this is your preference), your eye makeup remover and/or a nice thick cleanser such as an oil, a cream or a nice thick balm (Cleansers with greasy texture tend to be most effective at removing buildup).

If you have heavy eye makeup on you might want to deal with this using a damp cotton pad and your balm cleanser first, and then cleanse the rest of your face. If you’re feeling lazy or aren’t wearing a lot of makeup then just go for it all - use the cloth to deal with your eyes first though. Makeup is best removed with a soft face flannel or muslin cloth.


• Remove eye makeup first
• Work in cleanser and make sure you reach every inch of the face to ensure product is thoroughly broken down
• You don’t need to spend too much time on this step, just until you’re satisfied the product is worked in
• Rinse off with warm, damp cloth (ideally a flannel or a muslin cloth)

Second Cleanse

Now that we’ve broken down all that buildup, it’s time for a deeply nourishing cleanse. This is the part you should really indulge in. Take time to massage in this cleanser, allow it to work its magic and for all those beautiful natural ingredients to really sink into skin. Save your favourite natural cleanser for this step and take a moment to truly enjoy the experience.

Just like your dentist tells you to clean your teeth for 2 minutes, standing and massaging your face for 2 minutes each night is unbelievably beneficial to your skin.

You can use:
• Cream Cleansers (ideally a cream cleanser that has a really good plant oil base)
• Balm Cleansers
• Oil Cleansers
• Clay Cleansers

Massage your face all over and give your skin some love, remove with warm water and your cloth or muslin. Pat dry and then continue with the rest of your routine.

In the morning just one cleanse is fine as there won’t be SPF, makeup and pollution on the skin because you (obviously) would have done such a good job of double cleansing last night!

If you’re going to be out all day and wearing makeup, it’s suggested you use either a balm cleanser/oil cleanser in the morning - this helps skin to stay moisturised for longer and reduces the likelihood of patchy make up. If it’s more of a relaxed day with no makeup, then you can use your balm cleanser or your milk/ lotion.


• Use your favourite (maybe slightly more expensive) cleanser at this stage
•Massage carefully and lovingly onto the skin, allow the ingredients to really sink in
• Rinse off with a warm, damp cloth (ideally a flannel or a muslin cloth)
• Follow with the rest of your skincare routine

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