Out Of The Kitchen: How Parsley Could Transform Your Skin

Out Of The Kitchen: How Parsley Could Transform Your Skin
Traditionally Parsley is seen as a popular garnishing ingredient in the kitchen, but this surprisingly underestimated herb has many skincare benefits that you won't want to miss out on! We caught up with the founder of Madara, Lotte Tisenkopfa-IItnere, to learn about how the brand goes about sourcing their Parsley whilst preserving the highest grade of biological activity.

Parsley Oil

As research on bio-active properties of plants yields new discoveries, a herb that dominated the kitchen scene for centuries now enters into sophisticated skincare formulations. Parsley seed oil is one of the 9 key components in the Madara Superseed Radiant Energy face oil. Cold pressed from the seeds of the plant (not to be mixed up with parsley essential oil) the seed oil is a versatile ingredient full of precious and healthy fat and powerful actives. With more than 92% skin hydrating fatty acids, the rare omega-12, antibacterial, and antioxidants, parsley seed oil is an excellent ingredient for those who struggle with acne, require more moisture, need to battle off urban ageing or simply want a healthy and radiant look.

It's Rare

It might sound contra-intuitive but parsley seed oil is one of the rarest and precious plant oils. Although lush leaves are the most used culinary herb, the seeds are very small, which makes it extremely difficult to press the oil out. The cold-pressing is the preferred manufacturing process of the oil because this method allows preserving the highest biological activity of this unique product.

Wards Off Urban Ageing

Parsley seed oil is a powerful anti-pollution ingredient. Let alone India and China, European cities boast some of the most highly polluted spots on earth. Growing scientific evidence shows the link between airborne pollutants and skin ageing. Parsley oil contains high concentrations of alpha and gamma tocopherols (two types of vitamins E), which are powerful antioxidants and help to neutralise the damaging free-radicals that arise from pollution, as well as UV radiation and other types of environmental stress. It contains vitamin A which is a potent anti-aging ingredient that gives a helping hand in preventing and reducing signs of photo ageing.

Reduces Acne

Studies show that parsley seed oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which make it an excellent balancing ingredient for problematic and acne prone skin helping to limit inflammations and outbreaks.

Balances Hydration

Parsley seed oil contains 92% of unsaturated fatty acids, including and the rare Omega 12 or Petroselinic Acid, which is unique to the parsley and few other plants. The unsaturated fatty acids are precious fat that contributes to the strengthening of the skin barrier. Strong and healthy skin barrier locks moisture inside the skin, preventing trans-epidermal water loss, in other words - evaporation. More water in the skin translates into plump, youthful-looking and radiant skin.

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