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Our faces are who we are.
Our expressions show what we're feeling.
Our skin shows what we need
(i.e. a big glass of water after one too many tequilas - hey, we've all been there).
But most of all, our faces tell our story. Laughter lines from great nights spent with friends or sea-weathered skin that reminds you of all those outdoor adventures.
Choose skincare to support your journey, not erase your story.
(your newest skincare obsession)

Fuss-free solutions for your "skincare scenarios".
Featuring two skin-loving cleansers , as well as four 'faace masks' that can be used as a treatment, a moisturiser or even as a primer.

Use it your way. After all, you know your skin best.

Faace Period Face


Faace Sweaty Face


Faace Tired Face


How to Read Your Face

Here is your reminder that skin type and skin concern? Two very different things. Your skin type (i.e. dry or combination) probably won't change. But your skin concerns will.

Which is why it's important to read your face from time to time and see what it's trying to tell you.

"I have sensitive/combination skin, which scars easily so I am often trying to heal and brighten these areas. But my freckles and moles make me unique and remind me of my heritage. I'm currently obsessed with the Ere Perez Quandong Green Booster Serum - it hydrates, soothes and provides antioxidant protection, whilst improving texture and hyperpigmentation."
"I used to hate how I looked without makeup. All the redness, acne scars, pigmentation but now I embrace it. The Vapour Luminous Foundation is perfect for the no makeup, makeup look and I absolutely swear by it. A light to medium coverage that looks like skin. I love how my freckles show through and how healthy my skin looks."
"Never thought I would say this, but I love how my face looks my age. All the face expressions, lines and marks are the parts of the journey that led me to this moment. I wouldn’t change anything. Yes, I have some fine lines and sometimes it feels a bit dry. But for this, I just use an overnight mask like the Faace Tired Mask. I always feel so fresh waking up the next morning!"
"When I look at my skin, it reminds me that kindness is key. I’ve come a long way in my skincare journey and have accepted my skin for what it is. I swear by the Indie Lee CoQ10 Toner. It’s really helped keep my skin clear. Also, using the Faace Period Mask allows me to keep living my best life, especially during my period when things get a little extra."


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