Pukka Night Time Tea and the Benefits of Sleep


Whether it’s the stresses and strains of everyday life or a lasting effect of the global pandemic (or let’s face it, probably a bit of both), sleep can be an elusive creature. But whether it’s a bubble bath, a few drops of essential oil in your diffuser, or a relaxing tea, sometimes the solution lies in the most simple of places. And in honour of this, we’re spotlighting the humble (but oh-so-effective) Pukka Night Time Tea.

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Pukka Night Time Tea

What are the benefits of sleep?

Let’s give this some context shall we? Sleep is pretty important for a number of reasons. Mostly, it has a positive effect on our energy levels (that’s an obvious one), but it also helps to improve our mood and general outlook. And as beauty obsessives, we have to mention its significant impact on the regeneration and overall health of the skin. It’s essential to our wellbeing for SO many reasons, so we really can’t over-emphasise the importance of nailing your night time routine.

What is a night time tea?

All you really need to know is that it’s a caffeine-free blend that’s usually made up of lovely relaxing herbs (like lavender or chamomile). They help to soothe the senses and encourage your body to unwind just before bed. In our opinion, the best night time teas are made from natural and organic herbs like the following:

Does Pukka tea help you sleep?

A number of people believe so (it’s been a bestselling product of ours for a number of years). But if you’re still feeling sceptical then don’t just take it from us! There are over thirteen 5-star reviews from our community, like this one from Valerie:

“This tea is amazing. Having tried other teas to aid sleep this is the only one that really works. You fall asleep easily and don't wake with a fuzzy head, just fresh and bright. Wonderful.”

Pukka Night Time Tea

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What is the strongest herb for sleep?

There isn’t really one definitive answer for this as everyone has their own individual preferences, but certainly lavender has stood the test of time as a herb renowned for its relaxing and sleep-inducing properties. Another favourite is chamomile, which is a staple of night time tea blends.

What’s in Pukka Night Time Tea?

The certified organic formula is made from ‘a sleepy crush of organic oat flower, soothing lavender and silky-sweet lime flower’. Based on an ayurvedic remedy, it’s naturally caffeine-free and helps to nourish your body and settle your mind, naturally.

- Our Top Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep -


1. Give yourself a screentime cut-off time

We’re all guilty of mindlessly scrolling in the evening. But that exposure to blue light is simply no good, and the information overload is over-stimulating your brain at a time when you’re meant to be winding down. Give yourself a cut-off time and reach for a book instead!

2. Run yourself a soothing bath

There is simply nothing better than an indulgent foamy bath at the end of a long day. Even if you only have a shower, there are plenty of formulas containing lovely relaxing ingredients that are sure to get you in that sleeptime mood.

3. Light a candle, turn your diffuser on and pour yourself a cup of tea!

A soothing aroma in your bedroom is a great way to help you drift off to sleep. We like to think of it as bringing the serenity of the spa to your home. And a cup of Pukka Night Time Tea? Well that’s just the cherry on top. You’ll be relaxed from head to toe and catching up on those ZZZ’s in no time.

Pukka tea

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There are plenty more ways you can encourage a good night’s sleep including natural remedies and supplements. You’ll find the most highly-rated of these (and more) over at Naturisimo. Wishing you a deep and peaceful night’s sleep!

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