Top Tips To Train As A Couple

Top Tips To Train As A Couple
It's no secret that if you work out with a gym buddy, you are more likely to push each other and reach your goals, but does this apply to couples too? The saying goes 'couples who sweat together, stay together' but what can you get out of hitting the gym or a class with your better half? With Valentines Day around the corner, we've been looking at how to make a training session with your partner work and the added benefits when it does!

Here's how to make your session squabble-proof:

Try a class first

Joining others for your first venture out as a couple who trains together may help you ease into it more. Classes will include the same like-minded people who are there for the same reason as you. You can spur each other on without having the added pressure of it just being the two of you. If you get on well there, then when you work out with just the two of you, you'll have moved past any uncomfortable feelings or insecurities about your abilities!

Be yourself

Being yourself is vital when working out together. If you go into your first session pretending to know more than you do, it'll only come back on you! Know each other's goals and don't lose sight of your own as you are helping each other out. You have to keep encouraging each other but also be mindful of each other's space. banner_05Feb17_1

Set challenges

One of the best things about working out with someone is they can monitor your progress and push you further than you would on your own. If you're going into a workout session with a vague plan, why not add a challenge in for each other. Keep it fun but beneficial and when you both come out having achieved something new, you can celebrate and congratulate that achievement together.

Choose your activity carefully

As well as trying something in a group first, think carefully what you would like to do together. Running is a great example of an activity where you won't be in each other's way but you can spur each other on and still feel like you are spending that time together. Try taking up a sport or activity neither of you have done before, if you find you both like it, then you can start from the beginning and work your way up together.

The added benefits:

Get a pep talk from someone who knows you

Workouts can often be hindered by distractions and thoughts from the day. Working out with someone who knows everything about you leaves less chance of you being able to talk yourself out of a workout or making up an excuse. Training with your partner will also eliminate the option of skipping a training session, you can encourage each other and work through the 'tougher' days together. banner_05Feb17_2

You appreciate lazy days together more

If you spend a lot of time training together, then the days where all there is nothing to do but put your feet up and watch TV will not feel like time wasted. The lazy days you spend together will feel well deserved instead of an easy way out of making plans. It's a good chance for you both to relax and appreciate a bit of down time together.

You grow stronger together

Watching someone reach their goals and seeing them grow each time you work out together is beneficial from both sides of the partnership. You will see your partner from a different light when they come out triumphant from a challenge. This can open up a whole new side to the relationship you didn't know existed, such as viewing them as a person who can stick to their goals or accomplish something they are proud of, all the while they've been helping you too! Getting fitter is the ideal aspect of your life that is easy and simple to share with someone. You're not only working on your fitness levels, you're encouraging someone else to better themselves, building a stronger emotional connection with that person and watching each other grow!
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