Are You Too Busy? Here's How To Find Focus Again

Are You Too Busy? Here's How To Find Focus Again
Do you remember the days when you asked someone how they were, you got a simple reply of "I'm doing well, thank you, how are you?". For many of us as we rush around from day to day, the usual response is now; "I'm so busy" or "I'm so stressed!". When did we become so busy that we could not stop and hold a conversation? In a world where we have mobile phone apps to do almost everything and house hold items we can set on timers so we don't have to worry about turning the washing or heating on, how did we become so busy? The busyness epidemic, or 'Cult of Busy' is taking over. We constantly moan about how busy we are and how we do not have time to do the things we really want, but are we just an enemy of ourselves? It is only ourselves who create the busy lives we live, so why are we taking on so much each and every day that 'being busy' has become a feeling, not an action? When it comes down to it, being busy is a choice; something which we can take control of and minimise if we really have too - such as an over flowing inbox, taking phone calls out of office working hours or always saying 'yes' no matter how meaningless it is. banner_13Jul16_1 So, what are we really saying when you're telling someone you're busy? "I'm important": The action of being overly busy has become a sort of status symbol. It signifies that you as a person has been entrusted with such responsibility which could not possibly be passed on to someone else. So although it means working late, taking phone calls outside of working hours or missing social events, it must be done. We convince ourselves that we are really needed, we are an important cog in the big wide world we are all running around in. It's also a good excuse to give our egos a little boost. Despite how stressed or over run we are, it's always a good feeling to know we are a valued member of a team or work force, you are at this moment in time, irreplaceable (go you!). "I don't really want to give you the real excuse": It's the simple get out of jail free card! By implying you are too busy to do something, you are choosing one thing over another. We have all been a part of a social situation we didn't want to be in or invited to something we really don't want to go to! So what better excuse to avoid a situation by simply responding with "I'm busy." Simple, situation avoided, but what are you really avoiding? "I'm afraid": FOMO (the 'fear of missing out') is real! Saying "yes" to everything will soon catch up with you. If you are afraid of missing out on something, if you say yes to everything you are asked, how meaningful is that "yes" really? Can you say you are going to be able to give 100% to everything to keep hold of the feeling of being 'wanted' and important'. Evaluate what is important to you, who is important to you and make real time for them. Those situations and the fear of missing out on something will become less relevant as the time spent doing things you really care about will make you feel more accomplished. Finding real focus The busyness epidemic is caused by filling our lives with 'stuff' and with distractions, a kind of existence reassurance. We all need to slow down and take perspective of what really matters. Figure out what is really keeping you busy. Are you filling time with meaningless activities but not actually achieving anything? If so consider asking yourself; "what's really important to you?", "what are you good at?", "what do you really want to be doing?". Mastering these thoughts is key to finding focus in your life and will help define the good over the bad or stressful experiences. banner_13Jul16_3 How else can you find focus and get back on track?
  • Stop playing the victim - you're busy, we get it! Being negative will only exacerbate the situation, turn those negative thoughts into something positive and tell people what you have achieved that day, instead of talking their ears off about how much work you have taken on. Power down and gain a little perspective with the Tazeka Aromatherapy Blend Nonstop Thoughts, which aids in helping you master your thoughts and not letting them control you!
  • Share the responsibilities - this goes back to the feeling of self-importance, do you really need to be doing everything on your own? If your busy schedule can be split between you and another willing person, take the opportunity to share the workload and achieve something positive together.
  • Find some 'you' time - if you are feeling fatigued or over-run, you will not be completing your task to the best of your ability. Take a break, or some time for you, clear your head and get back to the job at hand with fresh determination. Spritz your room with the 100% natural Lotus Wei Quiet Mind Mist to quieten your mind and encourage a peaceful break.
  • Have an 'off' button - are your weekends meant to be work free? Do you have a separate business and personal phone? It may not always be possible to stick to the working hours you are set, but make sure you know where your 'off' button is. Set a time to turn your work phone off each evening, and if you have plans at the weekend, disable the emails or forward them to someone else who can help in the mean time.
  • Set goals - being 'busy' doesn't always mean you are achieving something. If you are feeling like you are going round in circles, are running out of time but not actually doing anything, set yourself some goals. Keep them clear, simple and achievable and enjoy the feeling of being proud when you complete your goals, this should beat the feeling of self-importance any day!
Are you a member of the cult of busy? Remember, 'busy' is not a feeling and next time someone asks how you are feeling that day - tell them! For assistance in helping calm your mind and find clarity shop here for: Clarity and Focus. Does this all sound familiar? Let us know how you find focus on Twitter @Naturisimo_UK
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