RÓEN BEAUTY - Clean Beauty Redefined

RÓEN BEAUTY - Clean Beauty Redefined

With a sleek, captivating aesthetic, we are all too ready for RÓEN Beauty to become our latest beauty obsession. Long gone are the days when natural makeup meant under-performing formulas and old-fashioned packaging. Instead, RÓEN Beauty perfectly embodies the new wave of clean, modern beauty. With a range that promises unprecedented performance with mouth-watering results, what’s not to love?

So, who are they?

RÓEN’s vision is “a collaboration of glamour, artistry and wellbeing”. As a brand, they share our belief that you don’t need to compromise on your health, or that of the environment, to achieve covetable looks. The brand was co-founded by clean beauty advocate Tiffany Thuston Scott and celebrity makeup artist Nikki DeRoest. The guiding force behind the creation of the brand was a “need for luxe, high performing cosmetics that also serve those who are mindful of ingredients and ethical practices”.

What does clean beauty mean to RÓEN?

“Clean beauty means products formulated with ingredients that are vegan, gluten-free and created without any harmful ingredients such as talc or parabens.”

And what about their sustainability credentials?

“We love Mother Earth and by doing our part to practice sustainability, we do our best to minimise waste in all capacities. Our products are packaged in a reusable and biodegradable duster bag, and all of our products are packed in 100% recyclable cartons that are designed to be relatively small in order to reduce the amount of material utilised.”

How has RÓEN redefined clean beauty?

“We have taken the conventional notion that clean is basic and ineffective and have proven that clean is in fact sexy, glamorous and high-performing. RÓEN has introduced products that are even more amazing than many conventional brands.”

What product is certain to trigger a cult following?

“Our Disco eyeshadow triggered a cult following immediately upon release. The formula is incredibly innovative and offers a strikingly unique and head-turning sparkle unlike any shadow you’ve tried before. This shadow can be worn alone or applied as a topper to elevate and enhance your favorite eyeshadows. Offering the effect of a dewy, textured shine, this is the perfect product for anyone who wants to look effortlessly glamorous in minimal time!”

What is RÓEN’s must-do makeup tip for 2020?

“As we all have become more aware of health and wellness due to the pandemic, we have seen a surge in clean beauty and people wanting to use products that are healthy and non-toxic. My biggest tip for 2020 for people that aren't believers of clean beauty would be to start with one product, such as mascara or lip-gloss. I honestly believe that once you start using clean products it's very difficult to go back, you will feel and look healthier which is something we all want.”

What makes RÓEN Beauty unique?

“We create products that are clean and innovative without compromising on performance and wearability. Our proprietary formula blends are unique and unprecedented, proving that high glamour can intersect with healthy living and give you both the confidence and peace of mind you want from a makeup brand.”

So there you have it. There really is no longer an excuse to compromise when it comes to the makeup you wear. You really can have it all!

We are thrilled to be welcoming RÓEN on board at Naturisimo and can’t wait to hear what you think.

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