How Breathwork Can Improve Your Mental Health

How Breathwork Can Improve Your Mental Health

We’re big wellness fans here at Naturisimo and are constantly looking to explore different paths towards that all-important state of wellbeing. As a part of this exploration, we recently hosted a special ‘breathwork session’ in collaboration with Jamie from The Breath Space. If you weren’t able to attend the class but you’re curious about what ‘breathwork’ is all about (we were too), then read on.

We caught up with Jamie to answer your burning questions...

Jamie Clements

What is breathwork?

Breathwork describes any way we can use our breath to change how we feel physically, mentally or emotionally. From simple breathing exercises to alleviate stress & anxiety, to help with sleep or to give us an energy boost, all the way through to deep, healing modalities of breathwork that can be truly transformative.

How could it benefit me?

The benefits of breathwork are significant and varied! At a basic level, you can gain a greater understanding of how your breath influences your stress response and how you can use your breath to manage stress. At a deeper level, breathwork can be incredibly healing - it can give you a deeper sense of connection to self and others, a greater sense of clarity and alleviate physical, mental and emotional issues.

What does the class involve?

We will be using a technique called Conscious Connected Breathing over an extended period. You'll be lying down on your back for the session and will only need yourself and your breath!

The Breath Space

What is the most common experience people have in these sessions?

Every experience is different but common experiences are emotional release, physical sensations such as tingling in the body and also deep relaxation.

What makes it different to other wellness programs?

You are in control. The breath is the most simple and accessible tool we have. You don't have to be able to hold a yoga pose, you just have to breathe.

How has breathwork changed your life and what would you say to those who are sceptical of it—after all, everyone knows how to breathe, right?

I suffered with depression and anxiety for many years and alongside traditional therapy, it was breathwork that made the real difference for me, it gave me back a sense of control over my mind that I hadn't felt for a long time. We do all know how to breathe, but if you're curious then what've you got to lose - you won't be disappointed!

Still not convinced?
Here’s what the attendees had to say…

“The sessions have been so therapeutic and fascinating, and have gone way beyond my expectations. Couldn’t recommend starting your journey into the wonders of breathwork with anyone else.” - Abbey

“I can’t imagine it not being a part of my life now. I felt a real shift of energy through my body and a release of tension. I've been going through a particularly stressful period in my life so this release and process was much needed. I can't wait to have another session” - Louisa

“My breathwork session with Jamie was an incredible experience. It provided me with a space to connect with myself and the emotions I was feeling, particularly helping me to release some emotional blockages. It was a transformative experience that has stayed with me ever since.” - Nia

“I hadn’t expected something so “simple” as changing breath patterns could produce such an effect, and allow me to reflect on my life in a different, more primal way.” - Liz

“After both sessions I felt like I had been able to alleviate the anxieties and thoughts I went into the session with, and left me feeling significantly better for some time afterwards. My sleep has also improved and I have just become much more aware of my body and how it works." - Izzy

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