How To Get Your Body Ready For Spring

How To Get Your Body Ready For Spring
Spring is on its way but is your beauty regime ready for it? Over the winter we slather on heavy creams to help combat dry skin and pump our hair full of product to keep frizz at bay. Whilst doing so can work wonders, it can mean that come Spring time, our skin and hair are in desperate need of a detox. Here, we ask the sensitive skin experts at Green People to share their top tips for preparing your beauty regime for the coming months.

Get Your Feet Flip-Flop Ready

If your feet have been tucked into socks and boots all winter get them flip-flop ready by buttering them up with a rich body butter. Green People's deeply nourishing Body Butter is a multi-purpose product which creates a protective barrier to help dry or cracked skin to recover. For feet that fix-themselves whilst you sleep apply it before bed before popping on clean, cotton socks and sleeping soundly.

Brush Up On How To Combat Cellulite

Body brushing has hit the headlines recently and has been deemed one of the most effective ways to combat cellulite. Easy to incorporate into your shower regime, by body brushing for just three minutes daily you can stimulate your lymphatic system to help it remove toxins from the body. For optimum results start at your feet and sweep up the legs in long, light brisk movements, paying particular attention to any areas affected by cellulite. After brushing massage a cellulite cream into the skin. Choose a cream that does not contain diuretics such as alcohol or caffeine because these ingredients can dehydrate the skin and, whilst this may make the skin feel tighter, the effect can wear off once the body re-hydrates. Instead opt for products that contain Bayberry, an ingredient known to help boost skin hydration, firmness, elasticity and cell regeneration.

Don't Split Hairs Over Split-Ends

Have you piled on the products to help combat the havoc that winter can play with your hair? Whilst chemical-laden products can help to keep frizz at bay, they can build-up in the hair and leave it feeling dull, dry and vulnerable to split-ends. To get to the root of the problem treat your hair to a weekly hair mask. Green People’s Clarifying Vitamin Conditioner is rich and reconditioning, it nourishes the hair from root to tip leaving it strong and shiny.

Factor In SPF

As the days get lighter and the winter clouds clear make sure you are proactive about protecting your skin from UVA & UVB rays which can both burn the skin and contribute to the emergence of wrinkles. When choosing a facial sun-cream opt for a non-greasy product that can be worn on its own or under make-up. For protection against burning and anti-aging choose Green People’s Facial Sun Cream Scent Free SPF30. Effective against UVA & UVB rays it contains anti-aging Avocado & Green Tea which help protect and maintain collagen and elastin in the skin.

Be A Glow Getter

For skin that glows all summer long without exposure to harmful sun rays choose a self-tan lotion made from DHA, derived from sugar. For best results you should exfoliate before applying the lotion, using a scrub that is micro bead free such as Green People’s sugar scrub. If you want a hint of colour try a fake-tan or a tinted BB cream. Green People’s certified organic DD cream is designed to give moisturising coverage to all complexions, this tinted moisturiser is available in three mineral shades which adapt to compliment your skin tone.

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