Top 3 Expert Tips To Help You Sleep Better

Top 3 Expert Tips To Help You Sleep Better
When was the last night time you got your recommended 8 hours of sleep? We have all heard the old tale about getting enough beauty sleep, but there is a lot of truth behind the saying. When we nod off, we are not just resting for the day ahead of us. Our bodies are working hard to rejuvenate our skin, as well as keeping us healthy on the inside. While sleeping, our skin naturally enhances its ability to fight off free radicals and enters into a restoration and rejuvenation phase, so when we wake with puffy eyes, dark circles and an ashy looking complexion its a sign that we have not had a good night's rest. It's not just our skin which gets to work when we nod off, during a peaceful slumber our body releases some hormones into our body which work to keep us looking and feeling younger and healthier. Plenty of rest prevents the release of cortisol, the stress hormone if too much of this is produced it can lead to inflammation and discoloration of the skin. While there is also an increase in the sleep hormone, melatonin, which is released more regularly as this acts as an antioxidant fighting off fine lines and age spots. Makes you think twice about staying up to watch another episode on TV doesn't make it?
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So getting a good night sleep does not only prevent us from feeling groggy, irritable and unmotivated it is also vital to keeping us in good health and maintaining youthful, glowing skin. If you have trouble falling asleep and getting your recommended 8 hours a night, here are our top 3 expert tips you can try before turning in for the evening. Digital shut down: The most popular suggestion and one we've probably all tried once or twice but may never stick to is to switch off all technology an hour before going to bed - this means all phones, tablets, TVs computers - everything! No catching up on Twitter or scrolling through Instagram right up until the moment we try and sleep. By shutting off sometime before closing our eyes and putting our heads down, it gives our minds a chance to start slowing down and gives the resting process an early boost. Try swapping the digital time with a bath or reading a book. Using some sleep-inducing essential oils in your bath can help calm the mind and the body. You can find comforting sandalwood and soothing chamomile in the Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oil Deep Relax, and by adding a cap full to your bath in the evening, you will benefit from the feeling of tranquility it brings.
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Bedtime drinking (the herbal kind): If you are particularly prone to having problems falling asleep, along with a relaxing bath, try sipping on a calming tea blend to help you drift off. The Pukka Night Time Tea (pictured above) is the perfect blend of lavender to sooth, lime flower to settle the mind and oat flower to calm and nourish you. It is also worth noting here that if you are looking forward to a good night sleep, lay off the caffeine and alcohol in the evening. They will wreak havoc on your sleeping pattern as they take hours to wear off, so swap it in for a calming night time tea instead. Create a cosy environment: Most people will have no problem jumping into bed on an evening, but if you find yourself uncomfortable, you will spend the best part of your night tossing and turning or simply staring at the ceiling. Prep your bed before trying to sleep with the best-selling This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Spray the pillows in your bed with the relaxing and fragrant fine mist to instantly and naturally assist you in a better night's sleep. The spray contains Vetivert, which helps to alleviate stress and establish a feeling of balance while is sedative properties help treat mental and physical exhaustion. When tested on over 200 people, 83% claimed they fell asleep faster while 85% felt less anxious about falling asleep - that's a lot of happy sleepers! If your room creates distractions for you at night time, even after everything is switched off and your laying in darkness, cover your eyes with the Hydrea Bamboo Relaxing Lavender Eye Pillow. As you lay back and relax, the luxuriously soft eye pillow, which features real lavender flowers and rice, gets to work by providing a gentle weight to relax your facial muscles. It's perfect to calm your mind and body as well blocking out any lights of distractions in your bedroom.
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Now, if you're reading this in bed, thank you, but it's time to switch off, calm your mind and get those eight recommended hours! We hope everyone has a peaceful, calming and undisturbed evening of sleep tonight!

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