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Spots and

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How to deal with spots and blackheads
that just won’t go away

Blackheads and spots. The originals. Probably made their debut when puberty hit, probably haven’t moved on since. If you’re tired of throwing time, money (and, let’s be honest, optimism), at skincare products that just aren’t cutting it, keep reading.

Which skincare products
are best for acne-prone skin?

To deal with acne, you need to get a handle on your skin’s hydration and oil production. Stripped-back skincare is our approach. Blackheads and acne tend to come together, so here’s a routine that’s strong at tackling both.

1. Cleanse

Okay, first – cleanse. Ideally, double cleanse. Use a gel, milk, or oil cleanser that’s suited to sensitive skin like OSKIA’s Rest Day Cleansing Milk, and really work it into the skin. This will work to remove pore-clogging makeup and oil from the skin’s surface.

150ml, £38

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliate regularly, but not with an abrasive scrub. The concept of scrubbing-off spots or blackheads is just wrong. Instead, try using a salicylic acid exfoliant, a BHA like the Balance Me one, to gently remove dead cells from the deeper layers of your skin. Do that three times a week if your skin is oily or combination, and once a week if it’s very sensitive.

180ml, £26

3. Hydrate

Now for some sweet, sweet hydration (because a splash of water is not enough). Before going in with a moisturiser, apply a hydrating acid like hyaluronic or polyglutamic. These are humectants, so they’ll draw water into your skin. We like Pai’s Back To Life serum for boosting moisture. After that, spritz a hydrating mist (we love the OSKIA City Life mist) across your face. Very hydrating. Very comforting.

30ml, £44

100ml, £45

4. Moisturise

Last up, your moisturiser. Don’t skip it – hydrated skin is healthy skin. Make sure it’s loaded with SPF (minimum 15) and, ideally, non-comedogenic. Keep it light, like Antipodes Immortal Moisturiser. A weightless, antioxidant-packed formula.

60ml, £28.99

An optional extra is retinol. But don’t just buy it and jump in – do your research – vitamin A can be pretty damaging if used incorrectly. Like we said, stripped-back skincare.

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You’re now a low-key expert on blackheads and spots. We hope you’ll put your new-found wisdom to good use and invest in the right kind of products for your skin type.

Have a scroll, add some bits to your basket, and show us your new routine @naturisimo.

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