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Donation FAQs

How does my donation work?-+

You can make a donation at checkout using the donation functionality. Our charity partner, The Conservation Collective are an environmental charity working tirelessly to support crucial conservation work across the world. From zero waste programs, to protecting seagrasses, and mangroves to promoting more sustainable farming practices

Will I be charged for my donation?-+

Naturisimo does not in any way make any monetary gains from the donations.

When will my donation go to the charity?-+

You will be debited the donation amount at the time of order.

Can anyone donate?-+

Anyone using mastercard, visa, AMEX, Splitit and paypal are able to donate. All express payment options do not work with the donation functionality.

How much should I donate?-+

It is completely up to you - however, there is a maximum donation amount, which cannot exceed the value of your basket

Are there any other restrictions?-+

Donations do not count towards any promotional spend thresholds, such as free delivery, discount codes, loyalty points.

What if I wanted to return my order which included a donation?-+

No worries! You just need to let our customer care team know (help@naturisimo.com) during the refund process. By default, the refund will exclude the donation amount, however you just need to notify the agent that you would want this included.


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