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Here at Naturisimo we love to promote anything which is green, clean and good for both us and the environment. We aim to promote natural, ethical products which deliver real results as well as being all about responsible sourcing, eco-friendly decisions, sustainable living and doing our part in making the world a better place. We stock products that avoid excess packaging and that provide packaging that can be recycled. We also favour fair-trade, locally produced and biodegradable products, all of which help reduce waste and pollution. When our creative team set out to design our packaging, they wanted something that we could not only be very proud to send your orders in but something which also explained each aspect of our packaging material and why it was chosen. The result is that our delivery boxes are 100% recyclable and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved which helps prevent the use of illegally harvested timber. Our tissue paper is provided by a sustainable company and printed with eco-friendly soy ink, not petroleum-based ink, and it's 100% recyclable. We use 100% natural starch-based packing peanuts to secure your products inside they box; they are a far more environmentally friendly solution compared to petroleum-based polystyrene packing material. Let us tell you a little bit more...


The little brown boxes which your orders are now delivered in are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved. This is an incentive to encourage forest owners and managers to follow ?best social and environmental practises?. There are several benefits to this incentive, which include: protecting biodiversity, indigenous people?s rights, worker?s rights and other areas of significant environmental or cultural importance. All of which prevents the use of illegally harvested timber.


The tissue paper is provided by a sustainable company who have an initiative called ?Soft Steps Forward? which concentrates on promoting sustainability, respect for the environment and efficient operations. The trees in the design were hand drawn by our creative team and after several drawings and redesigns later, this was the final result:


The design on our tissue paper is printed with soy ink, which is made from soybeans making it far more environmentally friendly then the petroleum-based inks often used for printing. There are also other benefits to using soy ink as the soy bean crop does not require irrigation and it leaves fewer agriculture residues compared to other crops. It is 100% recyclable as the soy ink can be easily removed, it is a far easier process then removing regular ink.


As before, we have continued using starch-based packing peanuts in all of our orders. The starch-based peanuts were developed to serve as a far more environmentally friendly solution compared to petroleum-based polystyrene packing material. They are bio-degradable and non-toxic, which means if they are ingested by accident (by a pet for example) they will not cause any harm. Here is the final design and we hope you will be receiving one of our little brown boxes soon!


The poem on the box explains everything you need to know about the packaging and where it comes from, so every time you open one of our deliveries you will know we have done everything possible to promote sustainability and ethical sourcing, just like the brands that we stock and the products you love! If you have not yet seen the poem ? here it is, we hope you enjoy it!

Did you know?

So here is your order that you?ve received through the post

But let us tell you about it?s packaging, it?s different to most

Here at Naturisimo, we have always been keen

In preserving and caring for all that is green

This humble brown box, although still made from a tree

Promotes correct forest management, known as FSC

The peanut chips, you?ll soon be rummaging through

Are biodegradable and non-toxic too

As is the tissue paper and even this ink

Which is all pretty clever and neat don?t you think?

Our packaging?s all recyclable, for this we had in mind

The importance to do our bit and be environmentally kind.

We hope you enjoy our environmentally-friendly packaging in your orders. Do you have any suggestions to help us improve? Please, contact us !

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