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Garden Of Life mykind Organics Vegan D3 Spray Vanilla 58ml
What it is
Garden Of Life mykind Organics Vegan D3 Spray Vanilla is a delicious vanilla spray made with organic foods. In a base of organic pumpkin seed oil and organic cranberry seed oil for optimum absorption, one spray delivers 1,000IU (250% DV) vegan vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol to help support calcium absorption for healthy bones.

- A delicious vanilla spray that delivers 1,000IU (250% DV) of vegan vitamin D3
- Made with organic foods
- Vitamin D3 offers a potent and active form of vitamin D for the body
- Ideal for vegans and vegetarians who are particularly at high risk for coming up short on vitamin D
- Supports calcium absorption for healthy bones
- Kosher-Made (no meat or dairy)

How to Use
Shake well. Take one spray of Garden Of Life mykind Organics Vegan D3 Spray Vanilla daily. Can also be mixed with your favourite beverage. Not intended for children. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 60 days.

Garden Of Life mykind Organics Vegan D3 Spray Vanilla: - Formula: Vegan. Free from gluten, GMOs and preservatives. - Certifications: Certified organic by USDA. - Origin: Made in USA. - Packaging: Recyclable plastic bottle with spray dispenser in cardboard box. - Shelf Life: Store in a cool dry place. Use by best before date on bottle. - Animal Rights: Not tested on animals. Cruelty free.

Garden of Life - Discover the Brand ยป Garden of Life are fanatical about food. Whether they're making a vitamin, probiotic or a protein powder, they always start with real foods that provide their formulas the power to be their best, and avoid synthetically created, chemical "breakthroughs" from huge commercial laboratories around the world. As well as being fanatical about what goes into their products, Garden of Life are even more obsessed about the things they keep out of them. They also believe it is important to know where each and every ingredient in their products come from and getting to know each and every source. In short, Garden of Life are uncompromising about your health.
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