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Welcome to the Naturisimo Press Center. We are a press-friendly company, so if you are a member of the press and would like more information on Naturisimo products and services, we will be happy to hear from you. To get in touch, contact us via the form below providing your full contact details including the name of your publication:
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Naturisimo is the online destination for the smart, conscious individual who wants a healthy body and a happy mind. Offering the best in clean beauty and wellbeing plus a clever self-care and wellness lifestyle magazine, our team of experts makes looking after yourself easy, enjoyable and achievable.


We value healthy, ethical and sustainable living. We like to keep things simple and transparent. Before a product makes it to our catalogue, our experts scrupulously check it in terms of ingredients, origin, sustainability, effectiveness and craftsmanship. We choose only exceptional products that are safe, effective, luxurious and ultimately 'good' for both you and the planet.


Naturisimo is an independent company who chooses to support activities that respect nature and contribute to wellbeing. We are not only about avoiding harmful chemicals, pollutants and animal cruelty. We are also about fair trade, animal rights, eco-friendly lifestyles, making the world a better place and, last but not least, the joy of living.

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