Eco by Sonya
Eco by Sonya
The Ethos

Eco By Sonya aims to provide the cleanest tanning products on
the market that leave you looking beautiful and healthy, without any of the nasty ingredients. The products are 100% natural, organic
and vegan-friendly. Certified by the Australian food chain, Sonya is continually committed to creating a healthier, animal-friendly and
environmentally-friendly range.
Eco by Sonya
The Story

Eco by Sonya was founded by Sonya Driver after her sister was
diagnosed with melanoma. Determined to find a safe tanning alternative, Sonya began researching the tanning products that both her
and her sister used and found that they often contained harmful ingredients. Inspired to create a truly safe alternative to mainstream
tanning products, Eco by Sonya was pioneered.

Eco by Sonya
The Ingredients

Eco By Sonya's ingredients are all 100% natural and
organic. They are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans and each individual product has it's own blend of ingredients to make each
product unique. Eco By Sonya's products have never been tested on animals and is proud to be a company that is founded on
authenticity and transparency.
Eco by Sonya

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