What’s The Deal With Bamboo Clothing?

What’s The Deal With Bamboo Clothing?
David Stern, Managing Partner at Boody, stopped by to tell us why Bamboo clothing is on the rise, and why we should all be wearing it. Did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and can grow up to 4 feet per day? No, that’s not a typo. That’s 4 feet per day! It’s the reason why bamboo is probably one of the most sustainable plants on Earth. At Boody, we learned that bamboo is a miracle fibre. Naturally eco-friendly, wonderful to wear, resilient, superbly soft and healthy for even the most sensitive skin – in our opinion, it outruns all traditional and new fibres, natural and synthetic. The benefits of bamboo can be split into 2 categories, the environmental benefits and the personal benefits. First off, let’s start with the personal benefits:
  • Incredibly comfortable - comparing bamboo to cotton is like comparing cashmere to wool. The material owes its softness to its natural element called pectin, which is also great for the skin. It is also very light and loose-fitting, making it extremely comfortable.
  • Anti-static - not only is bamboo incredibly soft, it is also anti-static, meaning that it doesn't stick to your skin. Instead, it fits lightly on your body. Wear bamboo once, and you'll never want to go back to cotton again.
  • Temperature controlled - the hollow microfibres allow for the material to be breathable. This means that the bamboo material will keep you cool in the warm temperatures and keep you warm in the colder temperatures. Through various tests, it has been shown to keep the wearer up to 3 degrees cooler, compared to other conventional fabrics.
  • Antibacterial - bamboo is naturally antibacterial due to an antimicrobial agent called 'bamboo kun'. Bacteria are not attracted to this substance, which helps prevent sweat and unpleasant odours from lingering in the material. This helps keep the clothing fresher for longer!
  • Moisture-wicking - moisture on your skin is absorbed by the bamboo fabric and instantly evaporates, keeping you drier and less sticky in the hot weather.
  • Great for sensitive skin - the qualities explained above all combine to make bamboo fabric perfect for sensitive skin, especially due to the embodied pectin, as well as the antibacterial and moisture wicking properties.
  • UV protective - Bamboo fabric has natural UV protection. Strictly speaking, we’re not able to claim over 97.5% protection from sun rays however, many tests have shown bamboo fibre exceeds this. This means your skin is safer underneath a bamboo garment from the sun.
If these impressed you, take a look at the environmental benefits...
  • Bamboo fibre is organic - due to the antibacterial properties of the plant, there is no need for the use of pesticides or fertilisers when harvesting bamboo. This means bamboo yarn is 100% organic as well as being non-GMO. Cotton, however, accounts for a staggering 25% of all pesticide and fertiliser use while using only 10% of the agricultural land mass.
  • High crop yield – as we’ve mentioned, bamboo can grow up to 4 feet a day, with very little water. This results in a much higher crop yield per square foot compared to other natural materials.
  • Vegan - bamboo is 100% vegan and has a positive impact on both you and the earth.

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