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We got some tips and tricks from Swell’s Andrew Bidwell on how you can boost your roots and make your volume last all day.

1. Get Advice From The Experts

Hairdressers can tell what’s going on with your hair, whether it’s as simple as styling advice you need, getting the right cut or perhaps your hair is flat due to greasiness/ damage/ baby soft texture. It’s important to identify the actual problem so that it can be dealt with correctly. For example, they may suggest a visit to the doctor for a blood test which will show if you are deficient in iron or vitamins or have a hormonal imbalance.

2. Start From Within - Diet Is Crucial

The following can be essential for good quality hair -Omega fatty acids from oily fish like salmon and from avocado -Iron, biotin and zinc-rich foods like spinach, kale, chard, beans bananas, beans, eggs, peanuts, lentils and cauliflower -Protein from nuts, chicken, soya

3. Care For Your Locks At Home

Washing - Shampoo roots only; do not deliberately apply shampoo to ends of hair as this weakens & breaks ends of hair Conditioning - apply to mid-lengths and ends avoiding roots or you will overly soften root area causing hair to collapse Towel drying - no vigorous towel drying, this causes tangles and damage Brushing - Before brushing, rake hair with fingers or a wide-toothed comb to separate knots, then, with a bristle or soft nylon brush, starting at the ends, brush through hair, working up to the scalp Styling - Apply Swell's Ultimate Volume Root Complex to root area & massage in. Tip head upside down and allow the air flow from the dryer to dry hair 100% at roots and ends to 95% dry. Now tip head back up and focus on the ends. For a natural look lightly scrunch ends and for a glamorous finish, select a round bristle brush or Velcro rollers. Whichever you choose, take care not to stretch hair, over-work or be too firm as this will make volume collapse. Always let each section cool completely. You've probably seen hairdressers use silver clips or Velcro rollers securing each section they've dried. Move on to make up and leave hair undisturbed until you're ready to brush hair out in your chosen style, with Ultimate Volume that lasts. Avoid partings and straightening irons as both flatten hair.

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