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The folks at Elemental Herbology know their stuff, so when we wanted to find out more about sensitive skin and how to treat it, we knew who to call. Nowadays, we are more and more aware of the need to know exactly what is inside that beauty product we love so much. Gone are the days of harsh chemicals hidden in a world of complex ingredients, but even with more information and transparency with our products, it can still be a challenge to find ones suitable for sensitive skin types. But what exactly do we mean by ‘sensitive’? Simplified, having ‘sensitive’ can mean two things: a person who may have a medical condition such as eczema or psoriasis which makes their skin sensitive to products and external factors, or a person whose skin is maybe a bit over-reactive and can appear sensitive to most products. In this blog, we will focus on the latter. If the reason for sensitivity is medical, it’s always best to consult a doctor first. So what do we mean by over reactive? Well, if the body detects something unnatural (meaning foreign) one of its first responses is to send blood to the region to help carry the foreign substance away. For the skin, this can mean flushing red and feeling hot or itchy. It’s a perfectly natural response, but, if the skin is over-reactive it not only happens a lot more frequently than most but becomes the normal response to even the smallest change. Again, it’s perfectly natural but a complexion that often flushes red every day can easily become a nuisance. There are ingredients such as Glycolic Acid or Retinol (Vitamin A) which are known to be great for the skin but can often cause irritation. The trick is to get to know your own skin, which ingredients work best for you and to try and slowly introduce new ingredients or products instead of completely changing everything. Try combating reactions and improving your skin’s natural defence with anti-inflammatory ingredients and probiotics. The calmer the skin and the better the skin’s natural barrier is the less likely it is to be reactive. Always remember that healthy skin is happy skin.

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